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Why Summer Is The BEST Painting Season

This summer is turning out to be sunny and warm, just how we like it! One of the best parts of living is California is that even in the coldest years, we can always count on summer to bring the sun out and give us at least 70 degrees of good weather. This season gives us so much to look forward to: school is out, baseball is in full swing and the days are perfect for time at the park, beach or one of the hundreds of outdoor spots the bay area provides.

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding If You Should Hire Painters

Painting a room in your house a new color can be a fun and exciting job. It adds a new element to the look of your home, and it’s an enjoyable project to undertake if you do it right. The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out if you’re going to use a professional painter or do the job yourself. Painting is something that a lot of people try to do on their own, since the supplies are pretty much all available to the public. People tend to think that there’s nothing incredibly complex to painting, so many amateurs try to take it on alone. Some people can actually do a pretty good job on their own. If you’re trying to decide whether or not you need a professional to help you out, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

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3 Projects To Have Done While It’s Warm Outside

Summer is without a doubt the best time to have a painting job done. The hot and dry weather creates the ideal conditions for painting. It allows you to open the windows of your house and let fumes out, if your paint job is inside. If you’re working on an exterior job, it cuts down the chances of having rain ruin your newly applied paint, and dries it faster.

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Fixing Up Your Deck For Summer Events

One of the best times to have a deck is during the summer. It can be practically impossible not to use your deck during the warmest season of the year. Instead of being stuck inside reading a book or looking around the internet on your iPad, you have the option of sitting on your deck and enjoying the sun and nice breeze. However, if you head out there, and your deck is covered with dust, you might not enjoy that breeze as much as you thought.

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How Updating Your Restaurant's Walls Can Improve Your Business

If you’ve had your restaurant for a while, and it’s doing well, congratulations! It can be extremely difficult to be successful with any type of business, especially in the restaurant industry, and especially in the Bay Area. If your restaurant is doing alright, it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day, and let big picture things like painting the interior fall by the wayside. This can  be a huge mistake, and if it’s been a while since you’ve redecorated, touched up the paint, or switched the color of your restaurant, it’s time you considered making a change. Here are some reasons why changing up the look of your restaurant’s walls (interior OR exterior) can help your businessgrow even more.

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