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Reasons Fall is a Good Time for Exterior Paint Projects

Summer and spring are the two seasons of the year most commonly associated with outdoor home improvement projects. But, when it comes to painting the exterior of your home, fall is a good time of year to get it done. The weather during the fall is more temperate that the scorching summer or freezing winter – which will provide you with a better finished product. In addition, fall can be a good time of year for this type of project because it is the calm before the holiday storm. You can fit in a project you have been wanting to complete before you get started with your holiday to-do list. 

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Can I Fit in an Interior Paint Project Before the Holidays?

When you have guests coming to your home for the holidays it can cause you to stop and take a good look at the condition of your home. Does the décor represent your style? Are there elements that are beginning to look worn or dull? What changes can you make that will have the biggest impact? If you are looking for a way to transform the interior of your home in a short amount of time – a new paint job can do the trick. A fresh coat of paint inside your house can take it from dull and dated to bright and trendy. If a new paint job sounds like the solution you are looking for the question then becomes – can I fit in an interior paint project before the holidays? The answer to that question depends on how quickly you can make design decisions, the scope of the project, and the availability of your contractor.

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Three Tasks to Complete before an Interior Paint Project

It can be a lot of fun to prepare for a new interior paint project. You can spend time looking through paint color options and envisioning the transformation that your home will undergo. Choosing a color and planning for the transformation are important parts of the preparation process. As the time for the work approaches you will have a few other tasks to complete to make sure your home is ready for new paint. Three of the most important tasks to complete include clearing the space, cleaning the surfaces, and protecting your floors and furniture.

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My Walls Need Repairs: Can a Painting Contractor Help?

The services offered by a painting contractor can vary. Some offer only basic painting while others provide a full range of services that include power washing, deck restoration, and drywall repairs. D&D Painting offers a wide range of services that include any type of wall repair you may need. In order to get a high-quality paint job completed you must start with a surface that is free from damage and debris. D&D can prepare the surfaces in your home so they are ready to receive new paint. This will provide you with a finished product that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

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Three Reasons to Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor for your Fremont Business

If your business in Fremont, CA needs a new paint job it is time to look into the option of hiring a commercial painting contractor. Many business owners have a DIY mentality because that type of mindset is necessary to get a company up and running. Eventually, however, they realize that it is simply not possible to do everything and start bringing in help. If you are in a place where you are still trying to decide if you should hire a commercial painting contractor consider the time you have, the type of results you want, and the long-term impact of using a pro.  

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