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Be Sure and Consider These Four Factors before You Paint Your Home

Posted on Jun 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Be Sure and Consider These Four Factors before You Paint Your Home | D&D PaintingThere are a number of factors that will help your paint project go smoothly if you consider them before you get started. There is always some level of prep involved before you paint. Consider the type of preparation you need to do before you start painting so nothing important gets forgotten. You also need to think about the tools and time required for your paint project. Do you have what you need of these two elements to be successful? Once you have considered those factors you can really think about whether you will hire help or go the DIY route.

What type of prep needs to be completed?

If you are doing an interior paint job you will have to prepare the walls. This may include wiping down the walls to clear off dust and spider webs, patching holes, filling in cracks and removing décor. In addition to prepping the walls you need to prepare the area surrounding the walls. This means taping up areas you do not want to get paint on and covering furniture and floors. For an exterior paint job you will likely need to spray down or power wash the surface. In addition, you need to remove peeling paint and repair any areas that are damaged. You may also need to cover areas that you do not want to get paint on like trim and windows. Considering the type of preparation that needs to be completed before you paint will help you understand how much time and resources you need to dedicate to this step of the process.

Which tools are needed for the project?

Getting the right tools for your paint project can make all the difference. Think of how much time you save rolling paint on a wall compared to painting it with a brush. If you’re painting the exterior of your home a paint sprayer can significantly reduce the time spent on the project. Other important tools include ladders, drop cloths, painter’s tape, and paint trays. A list of tools made before you start a project can help you estimate costs and determine what you want to invest in the project.

How much time will the project take to complete?

Time is an important factor to consider when taking on a paint project. When you calculate the amount of time a project will take you can decide if you have enough room in your schedule to do it yourself. One way to get an accurate estimate of the time required for a project is to get an estimate from a painting professional. If the pros estimate that your project will take a week you will likely need to estimate a little longer if you want to do it yourself.

Will you hire help or do-it-yourself?

Once you consider the previous three factors you can make an informed decision about hiring help or going the DIY route. Do you have the skills you need to properly prepare your home for paint? Will you save money by doing it yourself if you have to purchase a long list of tools and supplies? Do you have the time to put into the project? Answering these questions will help you decide whether you should hire help or do-it-yourself.

Preparation is one of the most important elements of ending up with a high quality paint job. Considering these four factors before you paint will help you adequately prepare for and make decisions about your project.

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