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­Can Dull Paint Be Fixed Without a Whole New Paint Job?

Posted on Dec 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Can Dull Paint Be Fixed Without a Whole New Paint Job | D and D Painting

Have you ever been wearing what you thought was a white shirt only to realize it was actually a dull imitation of white once you stood next to someone in a brighter shirt? This same phenomenon can happen over time with the interior paint of your house. Your paint can start to look dull compared to when it was fresh on the walls. What causes this to happen?

Sometimes your walls look dull because they are dirty. Other times it is because there are areas that need some touch-up paint. The solution to your dull paint problem depends on the underlying cause of the issue.

Scrub the walls

Kids, pets, and every day wear and tear can get dirt, grime, and dust on your walls. As the layer of dirt builds up it can impact how the paint on your walls appears. You may notice that the dullness is concentrated in certain areas. This is an indication that the problem can be solved with some cleaning. Start by dusting your walls and see what kind of impact that has. If there are obvious areas where the grime is heavy then try wiping it down with a dampened cloth. In situations where the dirt is really caked on you may have to turn to stronger cleaning methods. The potential issue with this is that some types of paint will not stand up to heavy scrubbing or abrasive cleaners. Consider the type of paint you have before you move on to the more extreme cleaning options.

Do a little touch-up

A few damaged areas of paint on your wall can make the whole thing look old and dull. A little touch-up paint can go a long way toward freshening up a dull paint job. If there are areas of damage then you need to fix those before adding paint. You may be able to handle a small touch-up job on your own. Larger jobs may require the help of a professional and potentially a whole new paint job.

Look at the doors and baseboards

The paint on doors and baseboards can get dirty quickly. Doors are constantly being touched and baseboards are subject to getting scuffed. If these areas are dirty or damaged it can impact how the paint on your walls looks. Sometimes cleaning or repainting these areas can transform how the surrounding walls appear.

There are some situations where there is no saving a dull paint job. In those cases, the best option is to call in a professional painting contractor for a new paint job. But, in some scenarios you can fix a dull paint job with less drastic measures. Take a critical look at your current paint and determine if you can freshen it up with a thorough cleaning, a little touch-up, or a combination of both.

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