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Does My Home Need A New Paint Job This Year?

Posted on Feb 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Does My Home Need A New Paint Job This Year? | D and D Painting-1

For someone who doesn’t have a ton of experience, figuring out if you need to paint your house again can be tough. It’s the new year, so you might be considering painting again, but you don’t know if it’s time yet. You might not know how much damage you should ignore, and which elements mean that you absolutely need to repaint.

Here are some problems that can indicate that now is the right time to paint your home again.

1. Peeling Paint

If you have peeling, chipped, or flaking paint on tiny areas of your home, these areas will have to be touched up. If the peeling and flaking has become a big problem, you might want to consider having the entire house repainted. If the area is pretty small, however, you can get away with a touch up. Buy a paint scraper, and remove the paint that is peeling up. If it comes off easily, it isn’t protecting your home anyway, so it’s time for a fix.

2. Water Damage

The exterior walls of your home is what protects you, your family, and your belongings from the weather elements. However, these outdoor walls can only take so much wear and tear before they need some updating. Water damage is a common problem, especially in areas of the country that see large amounts of rain or heavy storms. If the paint on your house has become damaged by water, a touch up will probably be best. Once the damage is done, the paint will keep peeling away, leaving the materials underneath the paint vulnerable to further damage – which can potentially lead to a much bigger problem than replacing a bit of paint.

3. Fading Vibrancy

If the sun shines on a specific area of your home more than the others, you might end up dealing with a faded patch that needs fixing. Since only the one area is showing signs of fading, a touch up should fix it right up. This can be somewhat tough though, as even the sides that look fine may have faded a bit less visibly as well. It’s a good choice to scrape off a piece of paint from the area that you are trying to match and have the employees at your local paint store match that shade, rather than using the original paint that was used.

4. Flaws On One Side

In the same way one small patch of paint on your home may fade somewhat, one entire side of your home may take more light from the sun, heavy rains, and other elements that may have a negative effect on paint quality. If three of your four walls still look great, but one side can definitely use a face-lift, it’s time for a touch up.


If you’ve figured out that your exterior paint needs a bit of a touch up, reach out to a quality paint company with a fantastic reputation in your area. Exterior painting isn’t usually easy, and it’s definitely not something you want to try to take care of on your own. An experienced contractor will be able to remedy your situation quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. The outside of your home is the first look that visitors will get – make sure it’s a good one!

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