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The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Painting Contractor

Choosing the contractor that will do your painting project is an important decision. It can make a difference in the finished product that you receive and your experience during the project. When you hire a qualified painting contractor you can work with someone who has experience in your area, you will be protected if issues arise, and you will end up with a quality finished product.

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Options for Removing Graffiti from Your Business

Graffiti may have a place in the world of art and pop culture but that does not mean you want it on the side of your business. If someone painted on your building without permission that is not art – it is a crime. Unsightly graffiti can have a negative impact on how your office building or store looks. It may even deter customers from coming in. You need to remove the graffiti and restore the exterior of your building in order to accurately reflect the professional image of your business. Graffiti removal typically requires the help of a professional who has the training, experience, and tools needed to do the job well. Options for removing graffiti from your business include power washing, color matching paint, and a completely new paint job.

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My Walls Need Repairs: Can a Painting Contractor Help?

The services offered by a painting contractor can vary. Some offer only basic painting while others provide a full range of services that include power washing, deck restoration, and drywall repairs. D&D Painting offers a wide range of services that include any type of wall repair you may need. In order to get a high-quality paint job completed you must start with a surface that is free from damage and debris. D&D can prepare the surfaces in your home so they are ready to receive new paint. This will provide you with a finished product that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

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Three Reasons to Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor for your Fremont Business

If your business in Fremont, CA needs a new paint job it is time to look into the option of hiring a commercial painting contractor. Many business owners have a DIY mentality because that type of mindset is necessary to get a company up and running. Eventually, however, they realize that it is simply not possible to do everything and start bringing in help. If you are in a place where you are still trying to decide if you should hire a commercial painting contractor consider the time you have, the type of results you want, and the long-term impact of using a pro.  

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Most Important Elements to Consider When Having Your Business Painted

Every decision you make about your business can have an impact on your customers and ultimately your bottom line. If you have noticed that the paint job of your building is showing signs of wear you may be concerned that it will negatively impact how people view your business. The public image of your business has the potential to influence the decisions of current and potential customers. You can eliminate the potentially negative impact of a damaged or dated paint job by having your property painted by a professional. If you are considering this option, there are a couple of important elements you need to consider before you have someone come in and paint.

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