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Ways to Prep for a Paint Project When It’s Cold Outside

Posted on Jan 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Ways to Prep for a Paint Project When Its Cold Outside | D and D Painting

Cold weather and outside home projects do not typically go hand-in-hand. But, if you know that you want to paint the exterior of your home at some point you can go ahead and start prepping for the project-even if it is cold outside. There is plenty of planning and preparation that go into an exterior paint project so the sooner you finish planning the sooner you can get started.

Look at historical weather data for your area

The weather conditions in your area will be the determining factor for when you can start your exterior paint project. For most types of paint you need to wait until the temperature outside is at 50° or above. There is some flexibility with this number but it is important not to risk ending up with a subpar finished project. Precipitation can also impact how well the paint adheres to your house and looks once dry. The ideal situation would be one where precipitation is not present immediately before, during, and immediately after painting. Look at the historical weather data for your area during the time of year you want to paint. If you live in a temperate area you may find that January is typically warm and dry enough for exterior paint projects. In other areas, it could be late spring before the weather warms up and dries off enough. This little bit of research is an essential part of preparing for an exterior paint project.

Work on the color scheme

You can work on the color scheme for your paint project no matter what the weather is like outside. For exterior paint projects there is a lot to think about when choosing colors. You need to decide on siding color, trim color, and the color of your front door. As you pick colors you also need to think about how the weather conditions in your area will impact them. A lot of wind could mean a lot of dirt on your house leading it to quickly look dingy if you go with white. Tons of sunshine may speed up the timeframe for fading rich colors. The type of paint you use and the colors you go with are both important parts of the preparation process.

Painting the exterior of your house is a huge project-even if you live in a small home. The exterior has to be prepped which can include cleaning, repairing holes, replacing planks, and a whole list of other potential projects. In order to get your house painted quickly and evenly it needs to be done with the proper type of equipment. A painting contractor will have the skills and tools necessary to prep your house appropriately and get it painted quickly. Finding a high quality painting contractor just may be the most important part of prepping for a paint project. You can get started now with the process of finding the right painting company for your job. Find a local painting expert who understands the weather patterns in your area. They will be able to help you time the project correctly and get it done effectively.

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