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Why Painting Your Apartment Complex Actually Matters

Posted on Apr 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Why Painting Your Apartment Complex Actually Matters

Take a minute to think about the apartment complex you manage through the eyes of potential tenants. Do they see a place that looks fresh and up to date? Or, does it look dull and in need of attention? If your complex looks boring or in need of maintenance it can drive away potential tenants. In their minds, a neglected exterior could be an indication that other aspects of the complex are neglected.

The good news is that many times a fresh paint job can absolutely transform the interior and exterior of an otherwise dull apartment complex. Once you have determined that a new paint job is needed you have to decide whether to paint on your own or hire a contractor. With a big job like painting an apartment complex, using a professional will make a big difference. Here's why hiring a contractor is the best choice for apartment complexes that need a fresh coat of paint.

Quick and efficient system

When you hire a contractor to paint your apartment complex you are getting someone who can take care of the entire job quickly and efficiently. A painting contractor who has painted apartments before will have protocols in place to make sure the job gets done on time and to the highest standards. One of the elements that make a quick and efficient system possible is the right types of tools. Having all of the right tools will help the job go by more quickly and provide you with a professional looking finished product.

Trying to paint all or part of your apartment complex on your own will take much longer than it would if you hire a professional, who has everything they need, and knows how to handle all of the elements of the project. You probably do not have the same level of knowledge and experience painting apartment complexes as a professional painter. Consider how much of your time you would be using up to do this type of project on your own.

Work around tenants

Keeping tenant blocked out of certain areas during a big paint job at your apartment complex is impractical. It is their home and they need to be able to come and go with as little inconvenience as possible. A professional painting contractor will have experience working around tenants. They can time certain parts of the project and set them up in a way that allows tenants continued access to the complex throughout the painting process.

If you own and manage your apartment complex it may be impossible to effectively work around your tenants. This is because you are known as person who has the answers and can fix problems with the complex. Think about how many tenants you talk to each day. Now, imagine that you have to stop painting each time a tenant walks by with a question. It will slow the project down and likely be frustrating for you and your tenants.

Work around obstacles

When painting an apartment complex, tenants are not the only elements that must be worked around. Landscaping, items inside occupied units, and exterior structures that are not being painted all have to be thought about as a part of the project. An experienced painting contractor will know how to effectively work around the obstacles while getting the job done as quickly as possible.   

A professional paint job will have a big effect on how your apartment complex looks once the project is complete. It is certainly possible for you to do a high quality paint job on your own but you must think about what you will be sacrificing to get the project done. Your time is valuable so spend it working on and in your business instead of on learning the ins and outs of painting a big apartment complex.

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