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A High Quality Painting Contractor Does More than Just Paint

Posted on Aug 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

A High Quality Painting Contractor Does More than Just PaintDo you know that a high quality painting contractor does more than just paint? Many of the best painting contractors offer a long list of additional services that go hand-in-hand with painting. These services include pressure washing, deck staining, fence sealing, wood rot repair, caulking replacement, and expert color consultations.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is a service offered by many painting contractors. It is complementary to the type of work that painting contractors do because the surfaces they paint often have to be cleaned first for proper adherence and coverage. You can get many different types of surfaces pressure washed. This process can transform decks, sidewalks, brick, stucco, stone, and fences.

Deck staining

Your deck can get a facelift from a high quality painting contractor. Staining is a process that is related to painting and is often included on the list of services offered by painting contractors. A high quality deck staining job requires several steps including pressure washing, sanding, and possibly some wood repair. Many painting contractors offer these services and can complete all elements necessary to get your deck stained.

Fence sealing

Sealing wood that is outside and exposed to the elements protects it and improves longevity. Unsealed wood fences are much more susceptible to damage from elements such as sunshine and rain. Some painting contractors have fence sealing on their list of services offered. The process of sealing a fence is similar to staining a deck and may require pressure washing, sanding, and/or repair to prep the surface.

Wood rot repair

The quality of your exterior paint job is largely dependent upon the condition of the wood underneath. The best painting contractors understand this fact and offer services designed to prepare the exterior surface for paint. Wood rot repair is one of those services. Painting over rotted wood is a short-term band aid for a problem that will continue to worsen. Ignoring the wood rot on the exterior of your house will shorten the life of the paint job and give you a subpar finished product. The best way to deal with wood rot is to have it repaired by your painting contractor before any painting is done.

Caulking replacement

Old, damaged, or shrinking caulk can make your paint job look sloppy and incomplete. Caulking helps fill in the gaps between windows, walls, and other small openings and helps the paint look even and complete. A top notch painting contractor will offer caulking replacement as part of the paint project. This is an important element of getting a high quality finished product.

Color consultation

Some painting contractors also offer the service of expert color consultation. Choosing a paint color for the interior or exterior of your house can be time consuming and overwhelming. You can get professional help with that process from a painting contractor that offers color consultations. During a color consultation you will talk to the contractor about what you want, what you like, and get expert recommendations based on your preferences and the latest trends.

You can find all the help you need with any of the projects mentioned above from a high quality painting contractor. In Northern California, D & D Painting offers all of these services and more. Take a look at our website for a list of services offered and schedule your free estimate.

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