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Apartment Complex Painting Services in Alameda County

Posted on Oct 30, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_2040477266When it comes to painting an apartment complex, the sheer amount of surface area in need of paint can be overwhelming. For apartment owners in Alameda County, the professional painters you hire to update or freshen up your property can have a direct impact on the appeal and rentability of your apartments. Not only do you want to hire a painting service that does quality work, you also want to know that they are up for the large task of getting the job done in a timely manner. Knowing a few things to look for in a painting service can help you pick the best company to complete the job of painting your apartment complex.


This may go without saying but a painting service that is capable of painting an apartment complex will have equipment that a smaller company may not have. Ladders and scaffolding are needed to reach high, exterior spaces. Other equipment, such as sprayers, will also make the job more efficient so that you get a quality paint job in a shorter amount of time. When reviewing a painting service’s portfolio, a few questions about what equipment will be used will help you get an idea if the company is prepared to take on the job of painting the apartment complex.

Preparing the surface

If you ever consider taking on the task of painting an apartment complex yourself or with amatear painters, first consider the preparation it takes to get a good result. Most of the job of painting a room, apartment, or house is not actually putting the paint on. In fact, the majority of the job is meticulously preparing the surface to receive paint. Several necessary tasks such as:

  • Cleaning the surfaces
  • Taping around areas to prevent paint from touching the wrong surfaces
  • Filling in nail holes
  • Repairing drywall
  • Applying texture
  • Sanding poorly applied texture or joint compound
  • Covering furniture, carpet, and woodwork

These steps are crucial for creating a quality paint job for each apartment in the complex and all should be completed before a paint can is opened. Professional painting companies know the length they must go for each paint job so that their customers are satisfied with their work.


Painting an apartment complex isn’t just about attracting new tenants, though that is a major factor. It is also about the people who call the apartment complex their home. Hiring a professional painting company ensures that the crew will take extra safety precautions as well as be courteous to the residents that live in the apartments. With large equipment like ladders and scaffolding, and the heights that are often involved, comes a certain element of danger with people walking around below. Having safety protocols when working around a highly populated building comes with the experience and professionalism of a painting company that has been servicing Alameda County for decades.

If you are in need of having an apartment complex painted in Alameda County, give D&D Painting a call today.

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