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Are You Able to Paint Your Home's Exterior During the Colder Months?

Posted on Jan 23, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_1630339897Whether you have just bought a house or have been living in your home for the past ten years, giving the exterior a fresh paint job can really add new life to your home. Not only does the paint act as a way of waterproofing the exterior, but a new color or fresh coat can greatly improve the overall appearance of your home. But knowing what time of year is the best time to paint the exterior of your home or if painting in the colder months is even possible will help you know how soon your dreams of painting the house can be realized. While temperature can affect an exterior paint job, predictable winter weather that is both mild and dry can be as good a time as any to paint the outside of your home.\


While all paint products can have slightly different requirements, making sure that the weather never dips below 35 degrees the week you are having the house painted, including drying time, will make sure your paint job is not affected by the temperature. Reading the paint can carefully is the absolute best way to know what the temperature requirements are for that paint product. While checking the forecast may seem like you are doing your due diligence before starting to paint the exterior of your home, keep in mind that the forecast could be off so you want to make sure the predictions are far enough away from crossing the freezing mark before starting.


One plus about painting your home in the winter is that the humidity is generally low in the winter. Finding a stretch of several days that are well above freezing, dry, with low humidity would be the best time to have the house painted. Humidity can wreak havoc on a paint job because the moisture will be sealed into the paint, delaying drying time and causing the paint to bubble, peel, and simply not stick to the surface.


If you live in an area with mild winter weather that rarely approaches the freezing mark and does not have drastic swings in the weather, it is certainly possible to paint your home’s exterior in the colder months of the year. But lining up the right week according to the weather with your painting company’s schedule may be difficult to do. If winter in your area means a lot of rainy days, you may have to wait to have your home painted. Rain is an absolute no go when it comes to painting the outside of your home. If you are in the Fremont area and want a quality exterior paint job on your home, give the team at D&D Painting a call today.

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