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Basic Tasks to Complete Before an Interior Paint Job

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Basic Tasks to Complete Before an Interior Paint Job | D&D Painting

An interior paint job does not have to be complicated but it does require some prep work. Completing a few basic tasks before you start painting the interior of your house can make the process of painting easier and provide you a better finished product. Skipping out on these basic tasks may save you time in the beginning but they are worth doing in the long run.

Remove décor from the walls

This task is simple and self-explanatory. It is easier and will provide a better finished product if you remove décor from the walls before you try to help. This includes shelves that can be quickly unscrewed and taken down. You may be tempted to paint around the shelves if you like them. However, it makes changing your décor in the future more complicated if you only paint around the shelves. Taking down all the décor on your walls and painting everything provides you with more options in the future.

Repair holes in the walls

Small and large holes in your walls need to be repaired before you paint. Your wall will look uneven and unfinished if you attempt to paint without first making these repairs. Fortunately, small holes are relatively easy to repair. Apply spackle with a putty knife and allowing it to dry is all that is needed for small holes made by thumbtacks and small nails. If there are larger holes in your wall you may need the help of a professional to provide sheetrock repair.

Wipe down the walls

Walls can get dirty just like all of the other surfaces in your house. Even if you cannot see it, there is likely grime, dirt, and dust on your walls. Skipping the step of wiping down the walls leaves a barrier between the paint and the wall. This can prevent proper adhesion of the paint and leave you with a splotchy finished product.

Tape off the edges

People tend to be a little over-confident in their ability to paint a straight line. Getting the paint on the edges of your walls totally straight is difficult to do without the help of painter’s tape. A wobbly and uneven line has the potential to bug you until you touch it up or until it’s time for the next paint job. Save yourself the frustration and tape off the edges before you start painting.

Cover furniture and floors

Another basic task to complete before an interior paint job is to protect your furniture and floors from drips and spills. Accidents happen when painting – even to people who are extremely careful. Do not risk ruining your carpet or a piece of furniture with paint. Throwing down a few drop cloths is all the effort it takes to protect your furniture and floors during an interior paint project.

Prepping the walls and the inside of your home for a paint project is essential if you want a high-quality finished product. It can seem boring to go through the basic steps of prep work when you are excited to get some fresh paint on the walls. Ultimately, you will be happy you took the time to prepare your walls properly for paint when you see the finished product.

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