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Can a Painting Pro Make Repairs to My Walls?

Posted on Oct 25, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_1208071195When you move into a new house or get a new paint job, you may vow to be careful not to damage the walls. It’s natural to want to keep everything looking as pristine as it did the first day you moved in. Eventually, life simply happens and your walls start to show signs of wear. Damage can be minor – small holes and missing texture – or major – large holes in drywall. No matter what type or scale of damage, you need to take steps to get it repaired before having your home painted. Fortunately, there are some painting pros that can make repairs to your walls before getting started on your new paint project.

Small holes and knicks

If you hang items on your walls, there will be small holes when it is time for you to paint. These holes may not seem like much when you are getting ready to paint. However, those small holes can be noticeable after a fresh coat of paint is applied. The same goes for knicks in the wall. The paint will cover small knicks but will not completely hide their presence. The best course of action is to repair the small holes and knicks in your walls. Many paint pros will repair small holes and knicks as part of the painting process. Check with the painting pro you are considering to determine if those services are available.

Missing texture

The texture on your walls may seem subtle or be something you simply do not notice. If you have a wall that is missing some texture, it can become very obvious when you paint. Texture helps to hide any minute imperfections in the sheetrock and is a common design element in homes. Adding texture to a wall and matching it to an existing texture is a process that requires experience and skill. Most homeowners simply do not have enough experience, or the right equipment, to match texture. A top-notch painting company will offer texture matching services because it is part of providing a high-quality finished product.

Large holes in drywall

Large holes in drywall cannot be ignored or painted over. Repairing significant drywall damage is a multi-step process. It can be difficult to get a seamless finish on a drywall repair unless you regularly work with drywall. Unless you are a drywall pro, it is best to leave large repairs to someone with experience. Some painting companies offer large drywall repair as a service that goes hand-in-hand with painting. If your walls need some significant repairs, let your paint pro know and talk about scheduling out the repairs so your walls are ready when it is time to paint.

The services available from a painting pro will vary from company to company. The best painting companies offer additional services that go hand-in-hand with painting. As you search for a painting pro, be sure and check the list of available services to make sure that you can get the repairs you need for your walls. D&D Painting offers a full range of drywall repair services so you can get a project completed from start to finish.

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