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Can My Fence Be Restored?

Posted on Nov 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Can My Fence Be Restored? | D&D Painting

A fence can be an important part of the aesthetic and function of your home. It can define the space and provide a safe area for your pets and children to play. But when your fence starts to deteriorate it can become an eyesore and a safety hazard. Before you go and spend thousands of dollars on a new fence it is worth exploring the option of fence restoration. If your fence is stained, faded, or damaged in some way there may be options for correcting those issues without needing an entirely new fence.

Stained or discolored fence

Fences can become stained from exposure to the elements. Green algae can grow on your wooden fence and cause it to become discolored. Exposure to dark substances – such as red dirt – can stain a light-colored fence. If you have sprinklers they can also cause discoloration over time. In many situations, the solution for a fence that is stained or discolored is power washing. Power washing is a process that applies a strong and concentrated stream of water to a surface. There are cleaning solutions and other chemicals that can be added to the water to increase the effectiveness of the process. Many homeowners are shocked at how much better a fence can look after power washing.


Fences can also become faded by the sun over time. This is very common and often has homeowners wondering about potential solutions. One option is to have a new coat of stain applied to your fence. The technology of exterior wood stains improves all the time which means the stains that are currently available will last longer than those from the past. The process of applying new stain to your fence will include power washing it to remove grime and remnants of the old stain. The painting contractor you hire to help with your fence restoration will be able to determine if re-staining is the best option.


It is common for isolated areas of a fence to become damaged over time. You may have individual pickets that have broken off or become warped. Sometimes fence posts become loose and cause an entire section of your fence to lean. The type and level of damage to your fence will determine if repairs are necessary. Individual pickets can be easily replaced. Damaged posts will take a little more work to repair but can often be saved. Sometimes the damage to fences is more serious and incudes pest or water damage. Widespread wood rot or termite damage are two potential issues that may result in the need to replace your entire fence. The option of restoration for a damaged fence is dependent upon the type and severity of the damage.

A top-notch painting contractor can help you with all of your fence restoration needs. If you want to know if your fence can be saved, schedule a free inspection with D&D Painting. You will get a professional assessment of the condition of your fence and recommendations for the repair option that will provide you with the longest lasting results.

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