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Can You Paint Drywall Without Texture?

Posted on Jan 9, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_1619219512Remodeling the inside of your home comes with lots of questions and decisions. If you have to put up new drywall because you are either creating a new wall in your home, putting on an addition, or repairing a damaged wall, you may be wondering about what steps are needed to complete the job. Many times, people will add a texture to their drywall. Knowing what purpose the texture serves and if you can paint the drywall without adding texture can help you understand the full scope of the job in front of you. Instead of doing the job yourself, a painting company hired to paint new drywall will tell you that painting without first adding texture can certainly be done and it will give your walls a smooth, modern look. Texture certainly has its advantages but whether to add it to your wall comes mostly down to preference.

Advantages to texture

Adding texture to drywall can do several things to help the overall look of your room. If there are a few places on the wall that have imperfections, applying texture will visually erase the issue from your sight. Sometimes, drywall needs to be repaired and the mend can be visible if you simply paint over it. Texture is excellent at masking these repairs so that you forget they are even there.

Texture is a preference

If you simply do not like the look of texture, you can decide not to have it. The texture is not necessary for the paint to stick properly to the drywall. If a wall is well primed, the paint should go on as expected. If the wall is new and has no imperfections that you may want to hide, opting out of having texture is completely up to you.

Quality paint

Whether you decide to have your new drywall textured or not, choosing to go with a higher quality paint is always a good idea. Not only will the paint go on the walls smoothly, they cover more evenly, for a higher quality end result. The color will stay bright for longer and the overall look will make your room look amazing.

Choosing a painting company

When you are ready to have your room painted, finding a company in your area with the experience and the expertise to deliver the quality that you want in paintwork is crucial. Ask around with friends and family members who they would recommend to paint your home. If you are in the Fremont area, give the team at D&D Painting a call today. You will be pleased with the end result of your interior room whether it is the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. D&D Painting can texture your drywall or simply just paint it depending on what you want. Call D&D Painting today.

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