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Choosing a Commercial Painter for Your Hotel

Posted on Oct 16, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_792640480Paint colors and the quality of the paint job can have a great impact on the appeal of your business to the public. Even more so, a hotel’s appearance directly affects the customers’ experience. The quality of service and cleanliness of the room are crucial to a successful hotel. But even if the room is clean, a neglected paint job can make the room appear to be dirty.

There is a lot of coming and going at a hotel which means suitcases and bags knocking the walls as customers lugged them in and out of their rooms. Quality paint and the experience of the commercial painter will help the interior paint in the hotel look nice for longer as well as be easier to wipe clean.

But it isn't just the interior that says a lot about your hotel. The exterior of the hotel speaks volumes about your business and what the customers can expect. Hiring a commercial painter with decades of experience painting hotels and other buildings in the hospitality business will ensure that you get a high quality result.


Painting a hotel is a much bigger job than painting a house. Considering the number of rooms puts a paint job for a hotel on a completely different scale than other commercial properties. If a commercial contractor has years of experience with painting hotels, they will likely be more accurate when estimating how long the job will take. As with most businesses, time is money and the longer hotel rooms are being painted, the less money the hotel will be able to make.

More than just painting

In order for the paint job to look professional, commercial painters will need to thoroughly prepare the surface of the walls to receive paint. To properly prepare a wall before painting, a professional will fill holes, sand surfaces, apply texture, and repair damage before applying paint. A company that is committed to taking the time to prep the surface before painting will have a significantly better outcome.

Keeping things clean

When painting commercial properties, professional painters will take the time to cover and tape off everything in the room so that nothing gets damaged or splattered. In a hotel, the room is the product and every piece of furniture in the room contributes to the overall look. Commercial painters want to make sure that you are not only satisfied with the paint job, but also with the condition of the room once they have completed the job.

If you are in Northern California and are looking for the best commercial painting contractor to paint your hotel, give the best in the business a call by getting in touch with D&D Painting today. D&D Painting has over 25 years of experience in painting buildings in the hospitality industry.

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