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Deck Restoration Services in Alameda County

Posted on May 1, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_1950774085Decks can make your backyard the perfect place to relax in the evening at your Alameda County home. But if your deck has become weathered, wobbly, or is falling apart, having the deck restored before the spring and summer weather rolls in will guarantee that you won’t miss one beautiful day to sit out on your deck. If you live in Alameda County and are in need of deck restoration services, finding an experienced professional company will have you enjoying your deck and backyard view once again.

What to expect from a professional

Finding an experienced residential painting contractor with an excellent reputation who provides deck restoration services is a great way for you to have your deck restored without having to do the work yourself. The process of restoring a deck is more than slapping some new stain or paint on it. A professional will first thoroughly inspect the deck for any rotten or bowing boards that may need to be replaced. Making sure everything is nailed down nice and tight is also important. If your deck is attached to the house, replacing any damaged flashings is another part of the initial inspection and repair process of the deck.

Once all repairs are complete, the contractor will then need to thoroughly clean the deck. Removing all dirt and debris is important and involves more than just sweeping it off. The professional will need to knock organic matter out that has fallen in between the boards, power wash the entire deck, and will even apply a chemical deck cleaning agent to get the deck perfectly clean.

After the deck has completely dried out from the cleaning process, the experienced contractor will sand down the surface to remove any splintering wood from age or even the power washing process. After the deck is completely repaired, cleaned, and sanded, the professional will then apply a stain or paint to seal the job, providing protection from the elements so your deck will last many years before needing to be restored again.


Finding a residential painting company that offers desk restoration services will give you all the help you need in restoring your deck to its former glory. Services a residential painting company can provide may include:

  • Power Washing

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Dry Rot Repair

  • Loose Board Repair

  • Sanding

  • Staining and Finishing

Why hire a professional?

While a professional has many tricks and ways to efficiently restore your deck along with all the equipment needed to complete the job, it is possible to restore your deck yourself if you like to do handyman projects around your home. But restoring a deck takes several days to complete, which you may not have in a row because of work. It also involves either specific equipment to make it easier or a lot of elbow grease to finish the job.

If you would rather skip the work and hire a professional who has the equipment and experience to make your deck like new again and are in Alameda County, CA, call D & D Painting so you can start enjoying your deck once again.

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