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Deck Restoration Services in Fremont, CA

Posted on Nov 29, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_2012499923In Fremont, CA, the temperate weather makes it possible to enjoy outdoor living for much of the year. Because of this, many homes have decks and porches that homeowners enjoy throughout the year. There are a few tasks you can do year in and year out to keep your deck in good condition. Eventually, however, your deck will need a little more work to stay in tip top shape. Deck restoration services can breathe new life into your deck and allow you to enjoy it with your loved ones for years to come.

Remove stains

Sometimes a good cleaning is all it takes to restore the look of a deck. Dirt and grime can quickly build up on the surface of your deck as it is constantly exposed to the elements. One of the services available with deck restoration is pressure washing. Pressure washing can remove years’ worth of dirt and grime to give your deck a fresh look. If there are man-made stains on your deck or chipped paint, pressure washing can help remove those as well.

Replace damaged wood

Individual pieces of wood can get damaged on your deck over time. Wood can rot from water damage or simply get worn out from use. If you have one or more pieces of wood that are damaged, look for deck restoration services in Fremont, CA that include wood repair and replacement. Fixing the damaged wood on your deck will make it safe for use and free you from worrying that someone will get hurt because of the damaged wood.

Seal it against weather damage

Once your deck is cleaned and repaired, you can stain and seal it against water damage. Wood is a natural product that can be damaged by water over time. You can add a layer of protection against the water by having a protective stain and sealant applied by a pro. Companies that offer deck restoration services typically offer stain and seal services.

Deck restoration services in Fremont, CA can get your deck back into peak condition. You do not have to continue living with a deck that does not look as good as you would like. Be sure and choose a deck restoration company that offers the full suite of services. It will be easier on you and more cost effective to have one company handle all of the restoration services. D&D Painting is a local company that has been serving the people of Fremont, CA for over thirty years. The deck restoration services that D&D Painting offers include power washing, steam cleaning, dry rot repair, loose board repair, sanding, staining, and finishing – anything your deck needs. You can schedule a time for a free quote online to get the process started.

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