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DIY How To: Painting Your Own Room

Posted on Feb 7, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

93870CA6-66DE-4468-BF55-0E37A72D8911If you’re bored with the way your room looks, the easiest way to make a big change quickly is to paint the walls. You can even leave the same decor in with the new shade and still feel like you’re in a completely different space.

Painting one room isn’t a terribly difficult task to figure out. However, there is a better and worse way to paint. Review these tips in order to make sure you absolutely love your space by the time you’re done painting your room.

Protect and Prepare

The most important step when starting the entire process of painting any space is to prepare it. You’ll want to prevent anything from being covered in paint that isn’t meant to.

First step: remove all furniture from the room. Once that’s done, cover the floor with some kind of protective layer (newspaper, butcher paper or sheets of plastic can all do the trick). If you have large pieces of furniture you don’t want to move, or the process would simply take too long, you can adjust by simply moving it away from the walls and then covering it with sheets, tarp or anything else you can find that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Choose A Color You Can Relax With 

Believe it or not, the color of the walls can have a major impact on your mood whenever you’re in a certain room. Since the bedroom is a place for relaxation, consider soft, warm colors such as light blue or pink. Bright, striking colors are best used as accent pieces and secondary colors when it comes to bedrooms, in our experience. 

Don’t Stop Painting Mid-Wall

To ensure coats of paint stay consistent, paint an entire wall in one sitting. If you only paint part of a wall today and then finish it tomorrow, the paint job may look inconsistent and unattractive.

Paint With the Z or W Technique.

When using a roller, it’s advised to first make a large Z or W pattern, then fill in the empty areas. This is supposed to maximize efficiency and keep your amount of paint consistent.

Painter’s Tape Is Your Friend!

If you want your paint job to look clean, sharp and professionally done use painter’s tape to create borders where the walls meet either. That way, any accidental spillover will be on the tape, which can be easily removed.

Always remember that if you run into problems, your local painting company has seen worse. Don’t feel embarrassed to call them if you need help fixing any issues.

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