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Do I Have Time to Paint Before My Guests Arrive?

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Do I Have Time to Paint Before My Guests Arrive | D and D Painting

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when guests come to visit. This generally involves getting your house in top shape. Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing are all part of the process. As you work to get everything ready for your guests you may decide that your house needs a little more than cleaning-such as a new paint job. Dull and dingy walls can make your clean and organized home feel like it is dirty.

A fresh coat of paint could top off all the work you’ve already done and make the interior of your home look like a million bucks. But, do you have time to paint before your guests arrive? You do not want your guests to show up to a half painted house with paint supplies lying around everywhere. In order to get a true sense of how long it will take to paint, you need to evaluate the scope of the project and your resources.

Scope of the project

Start evaluating the scope of your paint project by looking at the size of the area you need to paint. Is it one wall, one room, or the entire interior? Clearly, the more space you need to paint the longer the project will take. The next element to consider is color. Are you trying to go from a dark wall color to a lighter one? You may have to do extra coats to get the coverage that you need. If there is a lot of décor on your walls you need to allocate time for moving and then replacing it once painting is complete. How much prep work is involved in painting this area? Repairing holes and cleaning off grime are two important steps for getting your walls ready for paint. Extensive damage can potentially lead to an extended delay of the project. Once you understand the true scope of the project you can determine if you have the resources to get it done before your guests arrive.


You need to get your home painted quickly but you also want it to look good. The resources required to get this done include proper supplies and an adequate knowledge base. You will need basic painting supplies such as paint, brushes, rollers, trays, and tape. If you have extremely tall ceilings you may also need other supplies like ladders, scaffolding, and handle extensions. Knowledge of the painting process and previous experience will both help you get your project finished quickly. There is plenty of basic advice available online about simple paint jobs. You need to take time to learn about proper painting techniques so you do not end up with a low quality finished project. If you do not have the time or supplies needed to get this job done quickly then you either need to call in professional help or let your guests visit with the current paint on the wall.

Painting your house before your guests arrive can be an ambitious goal if you have a big project and a slim timeline. Before you put too much pressure on yourself, remember that there are ways to freshen up your paint job without taking on a full DIY project. Cleaning your walls and touching up damaged areas can have a big impact with minimal effort. You also have the option of calling in professional help for your project. Professional painting contractors already have the tools and experience necessary for completing an interior paint project quickly. If you are determined to have a new paint job before your guests arrive hiring a top notch contractor will provide you with quick results and a high quality finished product.

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