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Do My Walls Need to be Repaired before I Paint?

Posted on Feb 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Do My Walls Need to be Repaired before I Paint? | D&D Painting

There are a number of ways that walls can become damaged through the course of normal life. A door gets opened too quickly and slams against the wall. A dining room chair tips over and bumps into the sheetrock. An energetic toddler playfully throws a toy car and it hits the wall. These are three common examples of ways your paint and walls can become damaged over time. Before you decide to have your walls painted it is important to determine if they need to be repaired first. Painting over badly damaged walls will leave you with a low-quality paint job and will have you painting again long before you want to. In order to determine if your wall needs repair before you paint, look at the size of the damage, the scope of the damage, and consider the options for repair.

Look at the size of the damage

The size of the damage will impact whether or not you need to make repairs. Small chips out of the paint may not require any type of repair. If they are small enough you can simply paint over the chips. If there is damage that goes deeper and gets into the plaster or sheetrock then you most likely will have to do some repair to your walls. You will not get a quality finished result if you paint over plaster or sheetrock that needs to be patched. Small damage can often be repaired with a basic kit that you can find at your local hardware store. Larger damage will require a multi-step process that should be completed by a pro for the best results.   

Look at the scope of the damage

The scope of the damage will also impact the type and amount of repair you need. A few small holes throughout the house may be manageable. Widespread damage, however, can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming to repair on your own.

Consider options for repair

As mentioned above, there are situations where you can likely handle small repairs to your walls. As the size and scope of the needed repairs increases, however, you should consider bringing in professional help. Large scale damage will require patching and if you have texture on your walls it will also require matching the texture. This process can be very complicated for someone who does not have training or experience. The best option for serious and/or large-scale damage is to hire a professional. If you are hiring a painting contractor for your project ask if they do wall repairs. 

There is important prep work that needs to be done to get your walls ready for a paint project. One of the most important steps is to make sure any damage that will impact the finished product gets repaired. If you need help with this element of your paint project, get in touch with D&D Painting.

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