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Do You Need Commercial Painting Services If You Own A Property?

Posted on May 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Do You Need Commercial Painting Services If You Own A Property _ D&D PaintingThere are as many variations of types of commercial properties as there are companies who occupy them. But they all have one thing in common. If you own a commercial property, you’re in business, whether you’re running a company in that building, or you’re simply leasing it to tenants who run their own operations there. And when you’re in business, you’ve always got to be aware of the bottom line, and that means looking for ways to save money.

We can’t fault you for that. It’s a foolish businessperson who loses sight of cost-cutting measures. But there’s one area where it’s not prudent to skimp, and that’s getting painting services for your commercial property. I’m sure that there are cheaper ways of getting the job done, but it’s probably not advisable. Here are a few points that you don’t want to overlook when  you need your property painted.

Use Professionals

This should almost go without saying, but it’s worth stating out loud since I expect that you’re trying to save money. When you need work done on your commercial property, go with the pros. I know you know someone who knows someone, and there’s probably a guy who did a great job on your cousin’s house, etc. But again, this is a business, and real estate is a significant investment. So please, hire professionals who will stand by their work, and will provide a contract which gives you some protection, and probably a guarantee.

Commercial painting services are not the same as residential painting services.

If we were talking about painting your home, we’d probably be having an entirely different conversation right now. Depending upon who you are and what your home is like, it might make sense to make a DIY project of painting it. But we don’t recommend you take that chance with your commercial property. What’s more, make sure you hire someone who’s experienced with commercial painting, and even more specifically, the type of building and business that you’re dealing with. It’s not as simple as residential work, from the fact that you’re dealing with an operating business with tenants in it, to the need to stay in compliance with all your local ordinances and requirements. Work with an established contractor who has done it all many times before.

Time is of the essence.

I know, timing is important too, when you’re dealing with a residential property. But there are additional concerns when you start talking about commercial properties. Every hour that’s spent on the painting job is going to be at least an inconvenience to your commercial tenants, and it may even cost them some business. Have you ever gone into a shop where you’re greeted with scaffolding and drop cloths over everything? I didn’t think so. When you go with an experienced commercial painting service, you can be confident that they’ll understand your concerns and those of your tenants, and they’ll know how to minimize the inconvenience caused by their work.

If you need painting services for your commercial property, why not give a call to the pros at D & D Painting? We’ll be happy to come out and give you an estimate and work out a timeline to get your job done smoothly and painlessly.

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