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Does the Weather Impact Interior Paint Jobs?

Posted on Oct 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Does the Weather Impact Interior Paint Jobs | D and D Painting

There are some situations where it is obviously not a good idea to start and exterior paint job. If it is pouring down rain or snowing heavily it is easy to determine that you should postpone the project to another day. But, what if you paint job you want to do is on the interior of your house? Do you need to consider the weather before you start painting inside?

The weather outside does have an impact on the conditions inside your house but you have a little more flexibility when doing and interior paint job. Precipitation, temperature, and the indoor air quality of your house are weather related elements that could potentially impact your interior paint job.


Have you noticed that things inside your house feel a little different when there is a lot of precipitation outside? The level of moisture in the air increases with precipitation on the outside and inside of your house. You may wonder why that happens when your home is well insulated against outside elements. The reality is that houses are not designed to be air tight bunkers. There is usually some air that gets through either around damaged openings or simply when an exterior door is opened and closed. The moisture in the air can have an impact on the drying time of an interior paint job. This can be especially problematic when the precipitation lasts for an extended period of time. If you are able, avoid any type of paint job when it is raining outside.


In very extreme situations the temperature outside can impact an interior paint job. This is the most likely in a home where temperature regulation is an issue. If you live in an older house that is drafty in the winter then avoid interior paint jobs when temps fall. A room that gets excessive amounts of sunlight may be too hot at the height of summer to paint. The direct sunlight could cause the paint to dry so quickly that you cannot get the paint on fast enough to avoid a splotchy finish. Extremes like this are not a problem everywhere but keep an eye on the forecast as you approach the time you plan on painting.

Indoor Air Quality

During the winter the air inside your home is much dryer because the heat you use to warm it sucks out moisture. Conversely, there is more moisture in the air inside your house when you constantly have your air conditioning unit running during summer. Many homeowners feel a noticeable difference in the air of their homes depending on the time of year. You may use a humidifier during the winter months to combat the moisture loss that occurs due to your preferred heating source. These types of changes should be considered as you plan out your interior paint projects. It may ultimately come down to how comfortable you want to feel as you start a paint project. If dry winter air causes you problems then postpone your interior paint job until winter fades and spring brings more temperate weather.

In many areas of the country mild weather makes it easy to find a time to do an interior paint project. You do not have to stress too much about the impact of weather on interior paint projects. As long as you avoid the extremes that can occur with precipitation and temperature you can go ahead and schedule your next interior paint project.

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