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Effective Graffiti Removal Services

Posted on Mar 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Effective Graffiti Removal Services | D & D Painting

If you own a commercial building there is always the possibility that it will get tagged with graffiti. While the artistic skill may be impressive, graffiti can have a negative impact on the exterior aesthetic of your business. It can be a distraction for potential customers and make it appear like you do not take proper care of your building. In addition, your building is an important part of your investment in your business and unwanted graffiti can impact the perceived value of the property. Protect your business from the negative impact of graffiti by having it removed promptly by a professional. 

Pressure washing

The first step in graffiti removal is to pressure wash the area to remove the unwanted paint. A graffiti removal pro will use tools and chemicals designed to effectively remove the unwanted paint. The tools and cleaning solution that the painting pros use are professional grade and will do a more thorough job than trying to get it done on your own with the pressure washer you have in your garage. This process is can be successful on multiple types of surfaces ranging from siding to brick. 

Damage repair

It is possible for damage to occur to your property while someone is illegally tagging it with graffiti. If you have siding on your building, for example, it can get damaged as the person climbs to get to different areas to tag. A company that provides graffiti removal may also offer damage repair services. Choosing a company that can do both things will streamline the process of restoring your property. 

Paint Matching

There are times when the best way to deal with graffiti is to paint over it. If you have a building that is already painted, the solution for graffiti removal may simply be a new coat of paint. However, this can be problematic. Most people have seen a building with a section of paint that does not quite match the surrounding paint. It is obvious that there was graffiti there once and that the new paint does not quite match the old paint. If you do not know the exact color of paint that was used on your building, it can be difficult to match it on your own. A top-notch painting contractor can help you with that process. Bring in a professional painting company to help you correctly match the paint on your building and successfully remove any outward sign that you once had a graffiti problem. 

D&D Painting is a company that can handle all aspects of graffiti removal for your business. D&D Painting offers pressure washing, damage repair, and paint matching services. You can get one or a combination of these services to ensure that the graffiti is gone and the look of your business is restored. You can get the process started by calling D&D Painting to set up a free consultation.

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