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Essential Tools to Purchase for a DIY Paint Job

Posted on Jul 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Essential Tools to Purchase for a DIY Paint Job | D&D Painting

An essential part of getting ready for a DIY paint job is getting the tools you need for the project. The list of essential tools can get pretty long – especially if you have not painted in the past. The list below will help you start planning your purchase of the tools you need. You may discover more necessary tools as you go through the project but this will help you get started.

Protective gear

You need to get protective gear for your home and yourself in order to complete a DIY paint project. Protective gear for your home includes drop cloths to cover your flooring and furniture. You may also want to purchase protective gear for your clothes, your eyes, and your face. Options include coveralls, eyewear, and face masks. Getting the proper protective gear will ensure that paint does not get anywhere that you do not want it to go during your DIY paint job.

Preparation supplies

Preparation is a very important element of getting a high-quality finished product when you take on a DIY paint job. This means you need to include preparation supplies on your purchase list. Preparation supplies include cleaning supplies, painter’s tape, and tools to make surface repairs. Skipping the preparation phase of your paint project will leave you with a low-quality paint job.

High-quality application tools

The tools you purchase for paint application can help make the project go more quickly and provide better results. The quality of the rollers and brushes you buy can have a direct impact on the way the paint looks on the surface. Other application tools like poll extenders can make it easier and safer to reach difficult areas. You may be tempted to be as cheap as possible when you purchase application supplies but that mindset can backfire by impacting the speed and quality of your DIY paint project.

Appropriate type of paint

The type of paint you choose matters when it comes to a DIY paint job. The type of paint you choose will impact how the finished product looks as well as how long it lasts. For example, an interior paint will not last long if you use it on the exterior of your home. Interior paint is not designed to withstand the constant exposure to the elements like exterior paint. Take some time to learn about the appropriate type of paint for your particular project to ensure that you make the best possible decision. 

You can use the information above to get started on your list of tools to purchase. If you are overwhelmed or surprised at the number of supplies you will need there is always the option of hiring professional help. When you consider the money you will spend on supplies and the time required for the project you may just find that hiring professional help is actually the most cost-effective option.

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