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Follow These 5 Steps for a Smooth Painting Process

Posted on Sep 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Follow These 5 Steps for a Smooth Painting Process | D&D Painting

A new coat of paint inside your house can transform the way that it looks and feels. It is exciting to get started on the process but it can also be intimidating. Fortunately, you can ensure that you have a smooth painting process by following five basic steps. If you commit to following the steps outlined below, you will have a high-quality finished paint job very soon.

Remove and store items from your walls

Have you ever moved into a new place, took down a shelf on the wall that you didn’t like, and then discover that the previous owners painted around it instead of taking it down before painting? Don’t be that person! You may love the things you have on your walls right now but tastes can change. Your paint job will last much longer if you remove everything from the walls so the entire surface can be painted.

Repair any holes or nicks

It is important to repair any holes or nicks in your wall before you paint. You will end up with a subpar finished product if you leave damaged spots on your wall. There will be a noticeable difference in the paint in areas where there are holes or nicks in the sheetrock. Many times, the holes and nicks that need repair are small and do not require specialized skills. However, if you have major damage to your sheetrock then you may need to hire a pro to make the repairs.

Wipe down the walls

Dust and grime can accumulate on the surface of your walls over time – especially in high-traffic areas. Before you paint, be sure and wipe down your walls with a damp cloth. A damp cloth will be able to remove any dust and most grime. As you wipe down the walls, keep an eye out for areas they may require a little more elbow grease or the use of cleaning products. The paint will not adhere properly to the wall if dust and grime are still present when you start to paint.

Choose your paint

Choosing the right paint for your space is an important part of helping the process go smoothly. Paint comes in different sheens that are appropriate in different types of situations. For example, areas with high traffic such as bathrooms and kitchens need a paint with a sheen that can be wiped down regularly. Areas that are not touched frequently, such as your ceilings, will do fine with paint that has a lower sheen. In general, higher sheens – high-gloss, gloss, and semi-gloss – are best in areas that see a lot of traffic. Think about the use level in the areas you want to paint to help you choose the appropriate paint sheen.

Let pros do the actual painting

The one step that will help you the most during the painting process is to let the pros do the actual painting. Hiring a painting company to handle the painting process will save you from having to purchase a long list of new tools. In addition, you can save time and effort by allowing someone else to handle the painting process. Ultimately, you will get a professional-level finished product if you choose to let the pros do the actual painting.

Painting the interior of your home does not have to be a complicated process. Take the preparation step-by-step, as outlined above. Once your home is ready for paint, bring in the pros to finish up the project. You can even get professional help with the preparation if you do not have time to get everything ready. Call and schedule a free quote from the pros at D&D Painting to get the process started.

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