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Four Tips for Restoring Your Deck

Posted on Aug 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Four Tips for Restoring Your Deck | D & D Painting

Having a deck can expand the space that you and your family have to enjoy your home. Decks can provide room for kids to play and an area to cook and enjoy food outside. Like most other elements of your home, your deck does require maintenance from time to time. Below are four things you can do to restore your deck back to its former glory.

Remove debris and unneeded items

It is easy for debris to accumulate on your deck as leaves fall, branches break off, and the wind blows things around. Simply cleaning up the obvious debris can help your deck look significantly better. It is also easy for a deck to become a catchall for your outside items. Kid’s toys, gardening and yard tools, and a long list of other random items can junk up your deck. Take some time to put everything back up in its correct place and you will have your deck in much better shape.

Deep clean the wood

Once your deck is free from debris and unneeded items you will be able to examine the condition of the wood more closely. Chances are that the wood has a buildup of dirt and grime from being exposed to the elements over time. Deep cleaning the wood can transform the look of your deck almost immediately. The most effective way to deep clean the wood of your deck is with a pressure washer.

Replace or repair damaged planks and railing

It is common for planks and railing on decks to get damaged or become loose over time. Occasionally repairing or replacing some of the wood is part of having a deck. It is usually easy to tell which planks and railings need to be addressed – a visual inspection and walking out on your deck will provide you with a lot of information about its condition.

Put on a fresh coat of stain

The sun and exposure to other elements can cause the stain on your deck to fade over time. A fresh coat of stain can make your deck look brand new. The process of staining your deck does require some preparation. Pressure washing and making repairs should both be completed before you start applying the stain.

Completing the four tasks outlined above will have a big impact on the condition of your deck. It is possible to go the DIY route with deck restoration if you have the time and tools. If you need help with one or all of the tasks needed to restore your deck, consider hiring a painting pro. Some painting pros offer deck restoration services. In Northern California, D&D Painting can help you with every step of the deck restoration process.

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