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Four Ways to Get Your Fremont, CA Home Ready For The Painters

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

four-ways-to-get-your-fremont-ca-home-ready-for-the-painters.jpgHiring a professional painting contractor is always a wise decision. We know this is a job you could probably handle alone, but why bother? It will be faster and easier to let professionals take care of it, plus it gives you a little reassurance – if the paint job doesn’t turn out right, you have a contract to fall back on. But if you do a bad job on your own? You’ll have nobody to blame it on but yourself.

So hiring a painter is a sensible, savvy choice. But should you do anything to prepare your home for their eventual arrival? Absolutely.

Here are four ways to get your Fremont home ready for the painters:

1. Pressure wash the exterior

If you’re not having the exterior painted, feel free to move to the next tip. But if the outside is getting updated, it would benefit from a good pressure washing. Most professional painters should be able to provide this service, but not necessarily for free. Regardless of who covers it, this should be done – when was the last time your exterior walls were washed by something other than rainwater?

2. Scrub the walls

Even if the inside is being painted, that doesn’t mean the walls are clean. Just consider: do you remember the last time you scrubbed your walls? Which is why you should do it now. We want the paint to adhere as closely to the walls as possible; and having dust mites in the way isn’t going to help.

3. Move the furniture away from the walls

This is just common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people expect contractors to handle this. Even if they do, contractors typically don’t work for free – they might move the furniture for you and then charge you after the fact.

4. Protect the important stuff now

If you give your painters specific instructions on what to avoid and where to be careful, they’ll certainly do their best. But accidents happen, and we can’t predict the future. So if there’s a family heirloom, priceless rug or some other furnishing that can’t be harmed, take steps to protect it now. Remove it from the room or cover it in plastic.

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