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Get Help Fixing the Drywall and Texture on Damaged Areas Inside Your House

Posted on Feb 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Get Help Fixing the Drywall and Texture on Damaged Areas Inside Your House | D & D Painting

It is easy for your drywall and texture to become damaged over time. Pushing a chair back too far when getting up from the dining room table, hitting the wall with a box you’re carrying in, or simply having kids who sometimes throw things inside the house are all ways that your drywall and texture can get damaged inside your house. Some knicks and dings in the drywall are inevitable and, if they are small, easy to repair. However, it is easy to develop bigger and deeper damage that is not so easily repaired. Fortunately, you can get help fixing the drywall and texture on damaged areas inside your house. 

DIY options for fixing small damage to your drywall and texture

Damage to your texture and drywall can come in variety of types. For example, your walls can get scuffed by shoes, furniture, and simply rubbing up against it. These scuffs can be surface level or go a little deeper. For the surface level scuffs cleaning may fix the problem. Deeper level scuffs may cause you to have to add a layer of paint. Knicks and small holes in your wall may be able to be fixed with spackle and a little bit of paint. As long as the areas that are damaged are small, you can fix them on your own with a few simple tools. 

Repair options for more extensive damage

More extensive damage to your drywall is possible in the course of normal life. Something as simple as opening a door to quickly can put a big hole in your drywall. When more extensive damage occurs, the process of fixing it becomes much more involved. Repairing large holes in drywall may require putting up mesh and going through the entire tape and bedding process. In addition, after the drywall is repaired the texture on your walls must be matched in order to provide an end result that looks finished. Few homeowners have the experience or training needed to effectively repair large areas of damage to drywall or texture. A paint and drywall professional is the way to go if you have areas inside your house with extensive drywall/texture damage. Ultimately, the results will look better when you get professional help. 

The process of repairing drywall and texture damage is not always a simple one. It takes a specialized set of tools, supplies, and extensive training to end up with professional-looking drywall and texture repair. Tackling small holes, scrapes, and knicks on your own is fine especially when they are so small that you will not be able to find where they were once the repair is made. Larger repairs are more difficult to hide if you do not do a good job. Save yourself the time and frustration you are sure to experience by trying to make a repair you are not trained to do. Instead, hire a pro from the very beginning so you can get the results you want and move on with your DIY projects.

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