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Get the Help You Need with Your Paint Project

Posted on Jun 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Get the Help You Need with Your Paint Project | D & D Painting

Taking on a paint project on the interior or exterior of your house can be exciting. A fresh coat of paint can transform the way your house feels and looks. When compared to other types of home improvement projects, painting is quick and affordable. The process of painting can also seem simple but the reality is that it can be time-consuming and complex to get the finished result you want. Many homeowners take on a paint project with the idea that it is an easy project to tackle only to learn it requires more than simply rolling on a fresh layer of paint. If you are thinking about starting a paint project – or are in over your head on a project you already started – get the help you need. It takes prep work, requires specific tools, and experience in order to end up with a high-quality finished product.

Painting requires prep work

Painting requires a fair amount of prep work. Skipping the prep work and going straight to the process of painting can leave you with a blotchy finished product. In addition, the life of a paint job that was not prepped correctly can be shorter leaving you to paint again sooner than planned. The main prep work that is required for painting is cleaning and repairs. Interior walls need to be wiped down to remove dust and grime. Any nicks or holes in the sheetrock need to be repaired to prep the surface as well. On the exterior of your house, the siding needs to be cleaned thoroughly to remove any buildup. Pressure washing is an effective option for removing buildup on the exterior of the house. Repairs on the exterior of your house that may need to be completed before painting include removing chipped and cracked paint and repairing damaged areas of the siding. Thorough prep work is essential to end up with a high-quality paint job. A painting pro can help you get all of the prep work done that you need in order to get a high-quality finished product.

Painting requires specific tools

The tools needed to properly paint your home go beyond a paint roller and paint. A painting pro has a long list of tools that make the process of painting quicker and help provide a better finished product. Examples of these tools include painter’s tape, drop cloths, scaffolding, ladders, paint sprayers, and more. Trying to complete a paint project on your own will most likely require you to purchase more tools than you expect. Getting professional help with your paint project will let you avoid purchasing a number of tools that you will only use once or twice.

Painting well requires experience

Many confident homeowners take on a paint project because it seems like a relatively simple process. The reality is, however, that painting well requires experience and training. Anyone can get the paint on the wall but the quality of the finished product can vary significantly. Hiring a painting pro with experience will help you avoid the frustration of trying to paint on your own only to realize that it is more complex than you expected.

It can be extremely frustrating to take on a DIY home improvement project only to learn that you need to bring in professional help. Painting seems like a straightforward task but many homeowners eventually realize that they need professional help in order to get the results they want. If you have an area of your home that needs to be painted, save yourself some time and frustration by getting professional help from the very beginning.

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