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Get Your Backyard Deck Ready for Summer

Posted on Jun 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Get Your Backyard Deck Ready for Summer | D & D PaintingFew things signify summer more than getting outside and grilling in the backyard. If you have a deck that accommodates your grill and dinner guests then you can enjoy this summer pastime. As summer approaches, it is a good idea to assess the current condition of your deck. Are there things that need to be done to get your backyard deck ready for summer? A buildup of dirt and grime, damaged planks, and exposed wood are all signs that your deck needs some attention. You can get the help of a painting pro that offers deck restoration services to get your deck back in shape.

Removal of dirt and grime

There is no real way to prevent your deck from getting dirty. If it is exposed to the elements then there will eventually be a buildup of dirt and grime. You can take steps to remove that buildup so your deck looks clean and well-cared for. Pressure washing is a quick process that can remove dirt and grime that has accumulated on your deck for years. Many homeowners are shocked at the immediate difference that pressure washing can make. You may be able to get your deck completely ready for summer by having it pressure washed by a pro.

Restoration or replacement of damaged wood

The planks on your deck and railing can get damaged over time. Use and age both contribute to that damage. In order to get your deck ready for summer you need to get help restoring or replacing the wood that is damaged. A painting pro who offers deck restoration services can repair or replace the damaged wood to make your deck safer to use and more pleasing to look at.

Staining or painting

The sun can bleach out the wood on decks. If the wood is painted, time and exposure to the sun can cause the paint to look dull. Getting a fresh coat of stain or paint on your deck as needed will help protect the wood and keep it looking great. Getting your deck ready for this process and then actually doing the work properly requires a specific set of skills and tools. Bring in a painting pro for this process to ensure a long-lasting result.

Cleaning up, repairing, and staining your deck are all things that can help get it ready for cooking out this summer. Hiring a painting pro that offers deck restoration services will help you get your deck ready quickly and provide you with high quality results. In Northern California, the pros at D&D Painting offer a full range of deck restoration services. Get in touch and request a quote to determine what your deck needs to be ready for summer.

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