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Get Your Deck Back in Shape with These Tasks

Posted on May 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Get Your Deck Back in Shape with These Tasks | D&D Painting

Having a deck at your home can extend the amount of space you have to enjoy with your family and guests. When the weather is mild you can enjoy an evening meal out on the deck. It is a place where you can relax while you watch your kids play in the yard. If you love to entertain, your deck can become the epicenter of the party. None of these things are possible, however, if your deck is in poor condition. Going out onto a deck that needs work can cause you stress and potentially embarrassment. If your deck is in need of work there are some tasks you can do to start getting it back in shape.

Give your deck a thorough cleaning

Decks are exposed to the elements throughout the year. Because of this, they can get dirty and stained. A thorough cleaning can completely refresh the look of a dirty deck. The most effective way to give your deck a thorough cleaning is with a pressure washer. Pressure washing the deck can removes years’ worth of dirt and grime in minutes. It is often surprising to homeowners how big of a difference pressure washing can make to the look of a deck. You may find that after a thorough pressure washing your deck looks great again. If it doesn’t, there are some additional steps you can take to get your deck back in shape.

Repair or replace damaged planks

The planks and railing of your deck can get damaged from the elements, rot, and general use. If you have planks that have rot or are broken then they need to be replaced in order to get your deck back in shape. Fortunately, it is fairly simple to remove a damaged plank and replace it with a new one. Replacing damaged railing may require a little more skill and experience. If you get into a position where you feel out of your element, you can bring in professional help to complete the repairs.

Add a new coat of stain

Putting a new coat of stain on your deck can add a level of protection against the elements and spruce up the way it looks. There are stains designed specifically for use on outdoor decks. Choose a stain that is formulated for decks to ensure that you get long lasting results. Pressure washing your deck and repairing damaged planks are both important tasks to complete before you add a new coat of stain.

You can get your deck back in shape with a few basic steps. The process of cleaning your deck, repairing damaged planks, and adding a new coat of stain will take time and quite a bit of elbow grease. You can get help with some or all of the steps required to get your deck back in shape from the pros at D&D Painting.

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