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Give Your House a Fresh Look for the Holidays with Paint

Posted on Dec 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Give Your House a Fresh Look for the Holidays with Paint | D&D Painting

There are a few small paint projects that you can do at your home before the holidays to give your house a fresh look. It may be difficult to squeeze in a complete interior paint job or a large-scale exterior pro

ject. But there are some small-scale projects that can have a big impact. Painting your front door, creating an accent wall, and touching up damaged areas are all small projects that can give your house a fresh look for the holidays.

Paint your front door

Your front door is one of the first parts of your house that loved ones will notice when they show up for the holidays. A fresh coat of paint can transform a door that looks dull, dated, or damaged. If there is any part of your door that is showing signs of wear, new paint will give it a fresh look. The color you choose will have a big impact on how painting your door changes the look of your house. You can go bold and pick a color that will immediately catch the eye. Or, stick with a more neutral option to keep the look clean and cohesive. Before you paint your door, be sure and clean it thoroughly. The exterior of your front door is exposed to the elements and is touched daily when people go in and out. This can lead to a buildup of dirt and grime that will prevent paint from adhering properly. Carefully clean your door and then get to painting for a fresh look.

Paint an accent wall

You may not have time to paint your entire living room before the holidays, but what about just one wall? An accent wall can make a statement and give your house a fresh look for the holidays. The key to painting an accent wall is to go with an option that contrasts the walls around it. You can go bold and choose a completely different (but complementary) color or take a monochromatic approach and do a different shade of the color you currently have on the walls. Either way, painting one wall differently than the rest of the walls in a room can provide a fresh look without a ton of work.

Touch-up damaged areas

When you live in a house, damage is bound to occur to the walls. The walls can become scuffed up and the paint and drywall can get knocked off from everyday activities. Damage can come from bumping the wall with a chair, a toy that gets thrown a little too hard, or in 100s of other ways. Touching up the damage that has occurred to your walls can give your home a fresh look this holiday season. Cleaning off scuff marks, painting over chipped areas, and patching damaged drywall can all make a difference in the look of your space.

Giving your house a fresh look for the holidays does not require a huge paint project. The three options mentioned above can make a big difference. When you are ready to tackle the big project, get in touch with the pros at D&D painting. 

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