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Hiring a Professional Painter for Your Property

Posted on Nov 22, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_751174462Hiring a professional painter for your property may seem like an intimidating task if you have never gone through the process before. The finished product and your experience during the paint project will both be impacted by the quality of the professional painter that you hire. It is not complicated to find an excellent painter for your property as long as you know a few basics to look out for during your search.

Look at examples of work

The first step in determining which professional painter is right for you is looking at examples of work. The only way to really know how well a painter does is by looking at work the company has already completed. Oftentimes, you can see examples of a professional painter’s work by looking through an online portfolio. If you hire a local painter, you may also be able to go see some of the completed projects in person. Do not be afraid to ask for a portfolio – the best painters are happy to show examples of their work.

Read reviews and get recommendations

You can protect yourself against a negative experience by reading reviews and getting recommendations for professional painters. If you can get personal recommendations, those are best. You can learn firsthand from someone you trust about the quality of a painter’s work. Online reviews are another option if you do not know someone personally that has used a particular painter.

Check the painter’s license

It is essential to only consider professional painters who have active licenses with the state of California. As the consumer, you have more protection in the event of a problem if the painter is properly licensed. It is easy to check the status of a painter’s license online.

Explore available services

Take some time to explore available services from any painting professional you consider. There is a high likelihood that your paint project will require some repair and prep work. Choose a painting pro who offers these types of services so you can streamline the process and get everything done at once with the same contractor. The best painting professionals also offer other services that are related to the aesthetic of your home. Examples include deck restoration, pressure washing, and graffiti removal.

Request a quote

After you narrow down your options, the last step in the process is to require a quote. Top-notch painting professionals provide free quotes for residential projects. You can get a clear idea of how much a project will cost before you spend a dime. This step will help you make a final decision about which professional painter to hire for your property.

The steps outlined above will help you find a professional painter that can do excellent work and provide you with a great experience. As you search, be sure and put D&D Painting on your list to consider.

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