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Hotel Painting Services in Northern California

Posted on Apr 17, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_383952526An industry in which appearance matters the most must be the hotel and motel trade. Making sure customers are comfortable staying overnight means having a clean and beautifully updated establishment. But many painting companies may not be equipped to take on such an involved job as painting a hotel. Finding a hotel painting service in Northern California comes down to finding an experienced company who comes highly recommended so you know that your hotel business has every reason to attract customers and make them feel welcome to return.


While a high quality paint job is the obvious goal of having your hotel painted, efficiency is also very important. The longer it takes for rooms to be out of commission while being painted, the less money the hotel can pull in. The rooms are the product when it comes to a hotel so getting them spruced up and ready to receive guests is crucial. Hiring a company with equipment to handle a high volume job like painting a hotel will make the job go much faster so you can be back in business sooner.

With-in the budget

Along with efficiency, completing a job within budget is also very important when it comes to your business. Having a company that accurately quotes big jobs like painting a hotel makes a big difference when it comes to paying the bill. Cost of supplies and labor have to be figured out in an itemized list so you know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost. Getting the job done on time can also affect your budget because you won’t be losing revenue from having your hotel closed for maintenance.


Commercial painting contractors who have experience with big jobs like painting the interior or exterior of a hotel will make fewer mistakes when it comes to quoting the job or estimating the amount of time it will take to complete the job . As with anything, the size of a job makes it more complex, time consuming, and has potentially more things to consider. Many commercial painting jobs include large properties that take more planning and regular business hours to work around. Finding an experienced commercial contractor who has painted a similar sized job to your commercial property is an excellent way of knowing there won’t be any hiccups or misunderstandings and gives you the guarantee that you will be best served by the painting contractor you hire.

If you are in Northern California and are looking for the best commercial painting contractor to paint your hotel, give the best in the business a call by getting in touch with D&D Painting today. D&D Painting has over 25 years of experience in painting buildings in the hospitality industry.. To maintain your hotel, you want the absolute best to give each room a fresh new look.

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