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How Do I Choose A Residential Painter in Fremont, CA?

Posted on Jul 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

How Do I Choose A Residential Painter in Fremont, CA? | D & D PaintingSince that home painting project looks a little more intimidating than you originally thought, you’ve decided to call in a professional painter. That sounds like a good choice, and a way to get the work done quickly, and more importantly, get it done right the first time. But now you’ll need to choose the right painter for your job, and there are so many painting services in the Fremont, CA area.

The decision may seem overwhelming, but it will be helpful if you consider the following:

Get referrals from people you trust.

We can spend a lot of time and a lot of effort looking at online reviews, but there’s nothing as useful in this regard as a referral from someone you know, and whose opinion you trust. Internet reviews are valuable, but you can never really be sure of the source. A strong referral from someone in your immediate circle of family and friends is worth so much more, especially if you visit their home and see the quality of work that the painter produced.

Check their licensing.

It’s not legal in Fremont, CA, or anywhere in the State of California, to do residential painting without a license. So for starters, confirming that your painter has a license in good standing let’s you know that the company is legitimate and does things above board. Contracting licenses typically have requirements for certain levels of training and expertise, which help ensure that you’re getting the work done by a knowledgeable professional. Maintaining a contractor’s license also requires commercial insurance, which adds an additional layer of protection for any work you’re having done. If you’re unsure about your contractor’s licensing status, you can verify it here at the Department of Consumer Affairs website.

Take a look at their portfolio.

There’s nothing that speaks to the quality of work a residential painter can do than looking at actual samples of their work. They may have such a portfolio available to view on their website. If not, do ask to see photos of similar jobs they have done. This should not only allow to get a taste of their workmanship, but will also allow you to see what they’ve done with similar houses. If there are specific concerns regarding the construction, materials, style, etc., of your home, this is a good way to be certain that they have the expertise you need for your particular job.

Ask for an estimate.

There’s more to choosing a high-caliber residential painter than the cost, but we understand that’s important too. Any reputable painting service should be willing to come out and evaluate the job and give you a quote that they’ll stand by, before you commit to the job. This visit will also give you some time with the contractor, and let you get a feel for how they work. Sometimes, simply being comfortable with the style and manner of the painter is more important than other minor details.

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