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How Does the Type of Building Material on My House Impact the Painting Process?

Posted on Jan 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

How Does the Type of Building Material on My House Impact the Painting Process? | D and D Painting

Getting the exterior of your house painted is a big project. There is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into a job of this scale. The most common building materials found on houses-wood siding, brick, and stucco-all have similar processes for being painted. A painting contractor will use a combination of methods including spraying, rolling, and brushing to paint houses with the building materials mentioned above. The real difference between these building materials is in the preparation process.

Wood siding

If you want to get a high quality paint job on your wood siding then you must pay careful attention to the preparation process. Wood siding that needs a new paint job likely has areas that are cracked or peeling. If you do not address those areas before you put on a new coat of paint the finished product will be subpar. Applying fresh paint over cracked and peeling old paint will significantly shorten the life of the new paint job. In addition, you will not end up with an even and smooth surface if you try and paint over damaged areas. An important part of preparing wood siding for the painting process is to pressure wash, scrape, and sand down areas with cracked and peeling paint.


If you are painting brick that has not been painted before then you do not have to worry about removing old paint. The main element of prepping brick to be painted is to get it clean. It can be difficult to tell how dirty brick is just by looking at it. The variations in color along with the texture of the brick are great at disguising dirt. Paint will adhere much better to your bricks if you pressure wash the surface first. This will remove much of the dirt and debris that have accumulated on the brick over time.


In order to get stucco ready for painting you need to start by checking it for damage. Damaged areas of your stucco can make it more susceptible to further damage when you go to pressure wash the surface. Patch any areas that are damaged and then pressure wash the surface to get it ready for paint. As with the other types of building materials, a clean surface will help the paint adhere and go on evenly.

The type of building material you have on your house is an important factor to consider as you get ready for a new paint job. If you want to prepare your house for paint on your own then take some time to learn about the proper process for getting the type of building material you have prepped. If you plan on hiring a professional painting contractor for the job, they can do the prep work as well as the painting.

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