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How Often Does an Apartment Complex Need a New Paint Job?

Posted on Sep 4, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_345590696With the number of people moving to and from apartment complexes, there is a lot of regular maintenance that these large rental properties require. Along with repairs and a thorough cleaning, getting an apartment ready for the next tenant often involves a new paint job, especially if the previous occupant left more than the usual wear and tear in the apartment. But unless there is a glaringly obvious reason to paint, knowing how often to have an apartment complex painted isn’t always clear.

State law

Depending on where you live, there may be laws requiring landlords to paint the interior or exterior of an apartment complex. But in states like California, there aren’t any laws on the books that specify when to paint. However, general guidelines between landlords and tenants suggest that to maintain a pleasant and safe environment inside the apartments, it should be painted every three to five years.

You never want to have a situation where paint is peeling or flaking off of the walls. Not only can this create a mess that needs constant attention, but it also can create a dangerous situation if there is lead paint underneath layers of new paint that are starting to flake off.


If there are vacancies in an apartment complex, showing an apartment with a fresh paint job to potential renters can make all the difference to them. Paint can transform any space, giving it a clean, fresh look. Colors and shades can bring warmth into an apartment that can really seal the deal with a potential renter looking for a new home.

Hiring a professional

Not only is painting an apartment complex a massive job, but your paint needs may be frequent as well. Updating the exterior of the complex every five years is one thing, but as tenant’s move out, you will be constantly needing apartments to be painted. Hiring a commercial painting contractor will provide you with consistent, clean painting in every interior or exterior space. They can also help you choose complimenting colors to give your apartments an updated and appealing appearance.

A professional contractor that has experience working with apartment complexes will be evident through their portfolio. You will be able to see the proof that the company is capable and up for this multi-layered job. If you need more than just paint on the walls, a professional painting company can often make repairs, power wash, and remove out-dated popcorn ceilings that can really make a difference in your property.

If you are in need of an experienced commercial contractor to give your apartment complex a quality interior or exterior painting in the Fremont area, our painters at D&D Painting are ready to work hard at delivering you the absolute best experience and results. Give D&D Painting a call today to get your business looking fresh and new.

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