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How Often Does Your Driveway Need to be Power Washed?

Posted on Aug 21, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_546974002Owning a home involves regular maintenance and that doesn’t just involve the home itself. A driveway may seem like an indestructible surface but oil drips from your car, weeds, and soil can begin to erode your driveway over time. As cracks begin to form and soil is left unremoved, the problem can get worse and worse. Weeds can grow in the tiniest cracks, eventually making the cracks wider and longer. To keep your driveway looking good for as long as possible, a regular power wash will remove build up that can take your driveway downhill fast.

What are the benefits of a power wash for your driveway?

A power washer’s strength is measured in pounds per square inch or PSI. Commercial power washers start around 3000 PSI, making them extremely effective in removing dirt and grime from your property. Several benefits of having your driveway power washed are:

  • Removes mildew and mold from the surface of your driveway
  • Eliminate weeds and other vegetation that may be growing through cracks in the concrete
  • Removes oil stains
  • Gets your driveway ready to be sealed
  • Makes your driveway clean and fresh

How often should my driveway be power washed?

Regular maintenance goes a long way. It is recommended to have your driveway thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. Scrubbing the driveway with a brush is labor intensive as well as time consuming. A power washer can not only blast away dirt and grime, but it can actually remove stains from the surface of your driveway. If you are able to seal the driveway after a good power washing, you can further reduce the chances of regular wear.

If you often change your own oil or have multiple vehicles coming in and out of your driveway, you may notice that your driveway gets dirtier quicker than expected. You may want to have your driveway power washed every six months to keep your driveway looking pristine.

Professional power wash

While you may not give your driveway much thought, having the edges of your driveway clearly defined and seeing the surface look like new adds so much to the overall curb appeal to your home. You will instantly see a huge difference in your driveway after it is thoroughly cleaned with a power washer. Oil and compacted mud can be quite slippery as you or your children are running to and from the car multiple times a day. Remove the grime and help your driveway look amazing by having a routine power wash.

By hiring an experienced, professional technician to power wash your driveway, you get the bonus of a stronger power washer that can remove stains and grime more thoroughly. If you are in Fremont, CA, and are in need of having your driveway thoroughly and professionally cleaned, give D&D Painting a call today.

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