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Choosing an Interior Color Scheme for A Bedroom

Posted on Dec 13, 2021 8:15:00 AM by Eric Dokey


If your room needs a fast makeover, there is no better way to make a big change for little cost than to apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Choosing a paint color design for your bedroom can feel challenging, but it's important to bear in mind that the choice doesn't have to be permanent. If you're concerned that your love for a particular color will fade gradually, remember that you can update the color scheme sometime down the line as your preferences change.

Before you begin, take a minute to think about your design preferences and notice if a specific shade keeps calling out to you. If nothing jumps out, hop onto the internet area to do a little research. There are a variety of sites, even search engines that allow you to look through designers and even DIY home decor projects. Browsing through picture after picture will provide you a clear idea of whether you favor soft neutral tones or vibrant shades that make a large impact-- or someplace in between.

It's easy to play it safe and go with a tan or white shade on your walls to make sure that you are working with an "empty canvas" so to speak. However, these shades can restrict your creativity and also leave an area sensation rather uninspired. Do not hesitate to flavor things up with a color. While you may favor a neutral color, assuming that a bolder color will restrict your decorating options isn't necessarily true. If you select the appropriate color of deep blue or green, as an example, your room will feel like a cozy sanctuary, and can be decorated with many different coordinating colors. 

Shades of pale blue, green, or even purple can lend a fresh and airy vibe to a bedroom while keeping things light. Pair these colors with beautiful white bedding and light accents, and you can create a lovely escape to relax in. Lighter versions of these colors also give off a more neutral vibe, so that your walls provide a backdrop for bold furniture or artwork, and don’t necessarily compete or drown anything out.

Different shades of gray seem to be the new tan or white when it comes to interior walls. Gray walls work well with nearly any décor, so they are a natural choice when looking for a “neutral” that isn’t tan, beige, or white. It’s important to pay attention to undertones when it comes to greys. Some lean more on the blue side, and some are more brown. These undertones might not seem like they make a huge difference, but they will when you start pairing the walls with furniture. If you plan to use more warm colored decor, look for browner greys. If you prefer cooler toned decor, go with a blue undertoned grey. It’s always advisable to purchase several samples of your top picks to try out on the walls of your room. This will allow you to see their true color as they dry, as well as get a feel for how the shade will look with your lighting and the sunlight that comes into the room.

Brighter, bolder colors such as pink, bright green, a cheerful yellow, teal, and so on can be a beautiful choice when done in the right way. If you have the urge to go with a standout color, do your homework to ensure that the shade will complement the rest of your décor. Try making an idea board of furniture that you’d like to add, artwork you like and colors that you want to feature before you choose a bold shade. This will help you in the long run when making the big decision about what color your walls should be.

If all else fails and you feel as if you simply can’t narrow down your decision on your own, reach out to an expert. Talk to a professional painting company. Many people don’t know this but you can use a painting company for color recommendations, not just the actual paint job. These experts have seen it all, and know what works best depending on your room’s size, lighting and many other aspects that you might not even think to consider. If you need help deciding, call D&D today we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect shade for your bedroom.

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