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How to Decide if Your Walls Need New Texture

Posted on Mar 22, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

How to Decide if Your Walls Need New Texture | D & D Painting

The texture on your walls may not be something you notice regularly. If the texture is in good condition and aligns with your preferences, then it will not stand out but simply be part of the overall aesthetic. However, there are situations that make it necessary to get help with texture repair. The question is, how do you know when it is time to bring in professional help and get new texture on your walls. 

You are unhappy with the way it looks

The texture on your walls serves to cover up any minor imperfections that exist on the sheetrock. In addition, the texture adds to the overall aesthetic of your home. Some people prefer heavy texture to create a certain style while others lean toward a more minimalist type of texture. If you are unhappy with the way that the texture on your walls looks, it may be time to hire someone to change it. A paint and texture professional can replace the texture that you do not like with something that fits your style. Some types of texture will have to be removed before changes can be made – popcorn ceiling texture is one example. Other types of texture can be covered with a heavier texture option. You can schedule a consultation with a painting pro to talk about the options. 

There are large damaged areas to the walls

It is common for damage to occur on the walls inside homes. A bump on the wall when you move furniture into your house, a rambunctious toddler who throws a toy, and many other things can lead to large areas of damage to your walls. If the damage goes beyond the surface it can knock the texture off completely. Painting over large areas of damage like that will leave an obvious void. In order to get your walls looking as good as new, you need to hire a professional who can match and repair the texture.  

You plan on doing renovations

Renovations to your home can be complex. Getting the right help with each aspect of the project will make everything go more smoothly and provide you with a better finished product. If you are adding walls and sheetrock, you need to get professional help with the texture on the walls. 

Applying texture to walls is a process that requires precision, training, and experience. Trying to change, repair, or apply new texture is something that is extremely difficult to do well if you do not have the necessary training or experience. If you are thinking you want a change or need some repairs to the texture in your home, give the pros at D&D Painting a call. You can get help with any texture, sheetrock repair, or repainting that needs to be done.

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