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How to Determine if Your Deck Can Be Restored

Posted on Jan 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

How to Determine if Your Deck Can Be Restored | D&D PaintingDesk restoration is a cost-effective option for improving the exterior look of your home. A deck that looks dull and damaged can have a negative impact on the look of your home and can even be a safety hazard. However, there are some situations where restoration is not possible and a re-build is the only option. In order to determine if your deck can be restored consider the type and severity of the damage on your deck. You can get more help determining if your deck can be restored by scheduling a professional inspection to assess the damage.

Consider the type of damage

The type of damage that has occurred to your deck is part of what will determine if it can be restored. Some types of damage are unavoidable with a deck that is constantly exposed to the elements. Your deck will become dirty over time as the wind blows around leaves, dirt, and other debris. If the main issue with your deck is that it is dirty or discolored those issues can be easily fixed. Other potential types of damage that happen to decks include broken planks, wood rot, and other types of wood damage. The severity of these issues will let you know if they can be repaired.

Consider the severity of the damage

The severity of the damage to your deck will determine if it can be restored. For example, a few broken planks can be easily removed and replaced with new planks. However, widespread wood rot or termite damage to your deck may require a complete rebuild. If the issues with your deck are surface level, you may be able to restore it will a good cleaning and a new coat of stain.

Get a professional inspection

A professional inspection can help you determine if your deck can be restored. If you do not have the training or experience needed to determine the type or severity of the damage to your deck, then you need to bring in help. One place to find professional help is through a painting contractor. Top-notch painting contractors offer services beyond painting that often include pressure washing, surface preparation, wood staining, and complete deck restoration. In Northern California you can get help with all of your deck restoration needs from the pros at D&D Painting.

In many situations damaged decks can be restored without requiring a complete rebuild. If your deck is looking rundown and impacting the overall aesthetic of your home, then it is time to take action. Do a visual inspection of your deck to determine if there is significant or widespread damage. If you notice that there is damage the next step is to bring in professional help for advice on repairing that damage.

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