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How to Determine if Your Exterior Paint Needs to Be Touched Up

Posted on Oct 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

How to Determine if Your Exterior Paint Needs to Be Touched Up | D&D Painting

Having the exterior of your house painted is a much bigger job than painting a room on the interior of your house. Thankfully, a good exterior paint job can look good for many years. However, there will eventually come a time when your exterior paint starts to show signs of wear. It is often possible to extend the life of your exterior paint job by being proactive about touching up areas that show signs of damage. If you catch and touch up the damaged areas on the exterior of your home you can make your current paint job last longer. You can tell that your exterior paint needs to be touched up if you see chips in the paint, peeling, or a buildup of grime.

Chips in the paint

Chipped paint is a small issue that can develop into a widespread problem. Your paint may get chipped by a rock that gets knocked up against the house or by a toy thrown by your toddler. Whatever the reason, you can repair a small chip easily with the leftover paint you have from the original project. If you do not address the chip, however, it can turn into a much bigger problem. A chip that is not repaired can lead to paint that starts to peel away from the surface of your house. The chip becomes a weak spot in your paint job and will spread if allowed. If you notice any chips on the exterior of your house then it is time for a touch up. Putting forth the effort to repair a chip before it starts to spread will save you time and money in the future.

Peeling paint

The paint on your house may start peeling because of exposure to the weather, chips that went unrepaired, or because the surface wasn’t prepped properly when it was painted. Peeling paint looks bad and will eventually spread all over the exterior of your home if you do not address the issue. If you have peeling paint in one area it may be a sign that the problem is localized. In this type of situation, you can often touch up the peeling area without going to the expense of a completely new exterior paint job. In order to repair an area that is peeling you need to remove the paint and properly prepare the surface to receive new paint.

Buildup of grime

There are times when a paint job seems necessary because the color looks faded, dull, or dingy. In some situations, the entire paint job on the house can be revived with pressure washing. If the exterior of your house looks like it needs to be painted, have it pressured washed first to see if it makes a difference. You may find that your house looks much better after it is cleaned and only has small areas that need to be touched up.

You can determine if your exterior paint needs to be touched up by looking at the type and amount of damage it has sustained. A few chips here and there can be repaired quickly and with minimal expense. Peeling paint takes a little more effort to repair but if it is relegated to small areas you can often avoid an entirely new paint job. If you are unsure about the level of attention the exterior of your home needs, a painting contractor can inspect it and give you recommendations for restoring the beauty of your home.

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