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How to Move Past Indecision and Finally Make a Paint Color Choice

Posted on Jan 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

How to Move Past Indecision and Finally Make a Paint Color Choice | D&D Painting

Choosing a paint color can seem like the most exciting part of having your home painted – until you actually start looking through the options. When you realize that there are thousands of paint colors available the process can become quite overwhelming. Many people find themselves in a state of indecision when it comes to making a final paint color choice. If this is you, you can move past that indecision using methods to narrow down the options and find inspiration. And, if you still cannot make a decision, you can reach out and get professional assistance.

Narrow your options

Do not start your search for the perfect paint color by looking at every option. Kelly-Moore paint alone has over 1,700 different paint colors available. That is too many to consider! Narrow your list considerably before you ever start looking. Do you love homes that feel bright and airy? If so, you can eliminate whole groups of colors and tones that do not provide that feel. Do you have a color that makes you cringe every time you see it? Why bother looking through paint options for that color? You can significantly narrow down your options by taking a little time to consider your goals for the space and your general dislikes.

Look for inspiration

It can be difficult to imagine how a color will look in a space when all you have to go by is a tiny paper square. To avoid this, look for color inspiration in other spaces. Is there a front door that catches your eye every time you drive past it? Do you dream about the color palettes that your favorite TV interior designer uses in her remodels? You can find color inspiration just about anywhere when you start to take notice. When you see a color that you love make note of the shade, tone, and color family it is in. You may not always be able to find the exact color but it can give you a place to start if you can find some similar options.

Get professional assistance

Painting pros understand how difficult it can be to make a paint color decision. This is why most painting contractors offer professional help with color choice. If you are completely stuck, get some professional assistance. Painting professionals work with paint colors every day and can advise you on the latest trends and offer guidance based on your goals for the space.

You can move past indecision and finally make a paint color choice. It will take some proactive effort on your part – narrowing down the options and seeking out inspiration – but you can do it. And there is always help available if you find yourself hopelessly stuck in a sea of color swatches and paint samples.

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