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Important Prep Work to Complete Before an Exterior Paint Job

Posted on Sep 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Important Prep Work to Complete Before an Exterior Paint JobIf you want a high quality and long lasting exterior paint job there is some prep work that is necessary. The exterior of your home is continually exposed to elements such as rain, wind, sun, and debris. In order to get a paint job that looks good and lasts for a long time you must remove any type of residue, peeling paint, or damaged areas of the house that could prevent the paint from adhering properly. If the paint does not adhere properly the finished product can look splotchy and it will not hold up nearly as long as a paint job that was done after the proper type of preparation. Three of the most important steps for preparing your house for an exterior paint job including cleaning the surface, scraping off peeling paint, and repairing damaged areas.

Clean the surface

There are many ways that the surface of your house can become dirty and grimy. The wind can blow up dust that gets onto your house. Water from your sprinklers or rain can lead to growths that discolor your siding or brick. If there are areas on the outside of your home that people touch regularly you may notice that they look grimy. These factors – along with others – can cause the exterior of your home to be dirty. If there is a layer of dirt and grime on your siding it can prevent the paint from adhering properly and evenly. In order to get an excellent exterior paint job you need to make sure and clean the surface of your house. You can do this yourself by hand, with a power washer, or have the painting contractor you hire give you a quote that includes cleaning the surface of your house.

Scrape off peeling paint

If there is peeling paint on the exterior of your home it is important to remove it before you paint. Painting over old peeling paint will cause your new coat to start peeling very quickly. In addition, a fresh coat of paint put on top of a peeling coat of paint will look splotchy and uneven. It is not worth the effort or expense of painting your house if you do not first deal with the areas that are peeling. If there are only small areas that are peeling you can scrape and sand those by hand. For widespread peeling, your best bet is to hire a painting contractor with the experience and tools to deal with such a big project.

Repair damaged areas

When you get ready to have the exterior of your home painted you need to repair any areas that are damaged.  Common types of damage include wood rot, termite damage, and missing pieces. Paint will not be able to cover up serious types of damage like those mentioned above. Before the new coat of paint goes on your house make sure that any and all damage has been repaired.

Oftentimes the prep work for a paint project takes longer to complete than painting. If you want to have a great looking and long lasting finished product then you must invest the time and/or money into proper preparation. Your painting contractor can help you complete any of the prep work mentioned above and make sure that there is nothing that will stand in the way of a high-quality finished product.

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