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Is Painting a Complicated Home Improvement Project?

Posted on Jun 29, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Is Painting a Complicated Home Improvement Project? | D&D Painting

Some home improvement projects are more complicated than others. For example, rewiring a house is more complicated than fixing up your flowerbeds. In order to determine if you can handle a particular home improvement project, you need to determine how complicated it is to complete. In some situations, you may attempt to take on a task yourself and in others you will choose to hire a pro. One type of home improvement projects that homeowners often debate about doing is painting. Is painting a complicated home improvement project that you should hire help for or is it doable as a DIY option? To help you decide, explore the necessary elements of a high-quality paint job.


Preparation is, arguably, the most important element of getting a high-quality paint job. If you do not properly prepare the surface before you paint then you will be fighting a losing battle. Painting over a dirty, grimy, damaged, or uneven surface will not give you the results you want. And, the life of your paint project will likely be shortened if you do not prep the surface appropriately. Preparation can be as simple as wiping down your walls with a damp cloth to remove dust or as complicated as removing chipped or cracked paint from the entire exterior of your home. The scope of your project is the element of preparation that you need to consider as you decide whether or not to hire professional help.

Proper tools

The proper tools will make a big difference when it comes to painting your home. Starting with the right tools will make the process easier and much quicker. However, it can be costly to invest in all of the tools you need – especially for a big project. If you are not willing or able to obtain the proper tools then you should definitely hire a pro. Trying to complete a paint project without the proper tools will leave you feeling frustrated and with a finished product that does not meet your expectations.


The actual process of painting requires some knowledge and, preferably, experience. If you have never painted before then you should take some time to research proper application methods. The way you apply paint to the interior or exterior of your house will impact how it looks once it dries. If you are not confident in your application knowledge and abilities, you should consider hiring help. A painting pro will be able to paint your home properly and quickly in order to provide you with a high-quality finished product.

Painting can be a straightforward home improvement project or a complicated one. It really just depends on the type and size of your project. In general, the smaller projects are easier to complete yourself. If you are on the fence about whether you should attempt painting on your own, consider getting a free quote from a pro. You can discuss the scope of the project and decide if it is something you want to tackle on your own.

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