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Is This Summer The Best Time To Paint Your Home?

Posted on Aug 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Is This Summer The Best Time To Paint Your Home? | D&D PaintingSummer is well-known as a great time to work on your house and yard. The weather is generally good, and you’ve probably got some time off from work. Hey, if you have kids, you may even be able to enlist them in some of the projects while they’re on summer vacation from school.  But what about painting your home? Is this summer the right time for that project? 

It’s generally considered that the best time to paint your home is summer. You certainly wouldn’t want to be doing this job in the dead of winter. Climbing a ladder to work on the high parts of your house is not a good idea if it’s snowing and there’s ice all around. But that’s not the only reason for painting your home in the summer.

Best Weather For Painting 

To really get the best results for your house painting job, you’re going to need some cooperation from the weather. It’s critical that the paint dries properly, and that is highly dependent upon the temperature and humidity conditions. Ideally it should be warm and dry, with as little fluctuation as possible in the weather. It’s really best that you check the weather forecast for a period of a few days so  you know what you’re in store for. If there’s rain before you paint, you may need to allow time for your siding to dry before you start painting. Warm days followed by cool nights will probably affect the drying of your paint and may even result in chipping or cracking if it gets cold enough.

Paint needs to dry and then to cure.

Keep in mind that we’re not just concerned with paint drying. Of course you don’t want to paint on a rainy day, or the most humid day, because the paint won’t dry properly. Then you’ll end up with dust, bugs, and plant matter getting stuck in the paint before it dries. But while drying only takes a few hours in good weather conditions, the paint still needs to cure. It may be dry to the touch, but it will be a few days, or maybe even weeks, before you can apply pressure without disturbing the paint job.

Bay Area Climate

Here in the Bay Area, the best time for the conditions we’re talking about is in the summer, when temperatures stay consistently warm. It’s also the time that there’s the least concern about moisture and rain, which can affect the outcome of your paint job. It’s important to have a good stretch of warm dry weather so your paint will dry and cure optimally.

Avoid the hottest days (and other extremes of weather)!

While you do want to take advantage of summer weather to paint, avoid the hottest days! Extreme heat can keep your paint from drying well too. This also goes for other more severe conditions as well. For example, a light breeze can help your paint dry more quickly, but a stronger wind is likely to kick up debris that could get stuck in the paint while it’s still tacky. Rain in any quantity is just bad news, since it’s not good to paint on wet wood, and rain on wet paint will ruin the job you just did. Warmth is good, but direct sunlight can raise the temperature of the walls and paint too much, so you’ll want to move around and be sure to be working in the shade.

With proper planning, this summer can be a great time to paint your home! Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be sure to end up with a beautiful finish!

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