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I've Never Painted Before - Can I Handle This?

Posted on Aug 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

I've Never Painted Before - Can I Handle This? | D and D PaintingIf you want the best-looking paint job for your home, then there’s an easy answer: hire a professional painting contractor. Not only are we seasoned painting veterans, we also have contracts – that means we guarantee our good work! It’s simple, quick and painless.

But obviously, it’s not free. So if you want to save money, painting something yourself is a good way to do it. And honestly, painting isn’t that complicated – but neither is checkers. Doesn’t mean you win every game, though, right?

Painting is a skill, like many other things, and therefore can be mastered. But what if you’re a total novice? Can you still handle your own paint job?

  • Absolutely. But you need the right tools.

And the right information, which will get to momentarily. But let’s talk tools. You’ll need a couple of paint brushes, a paint roller, 1-2 paint trays, a roll of tape (masking or painter’s) and the paint itself. Additionally, you’ll want to purchase some painter’s plastic or drop cloths to protect your floors.

In terms of paint, don’t purchase the bargain stuff; go at least to the second tier. You should also be sure to select the appropriate paint sheen for your project. As for the brushes, they really don’t matter too much; as long as the bristles work and it’s comfortable to hold for extended periods, it’s fine.

  • All right, I’ve got my tools. Now what?

Use the tape to set up borders around sections that you don’t want painted; this prevents overlap. If you’re painting bare wooden walls, then they should be primed before you start.

As you paint, use even strokes and don’t spread the paint too thin. Conditions should be dry and warm, and open windows to ensure the room is well-ventilated. Your paint is going to take a few hours to dry, but it will also cure. This refers to the “hardening” of the paint, and the process will take several days, maybe even weeks. You’ll still be able to touch the paint during the time, but it hasn’t reached its final form yet.

  • And that’s it?

Well, after the first coat dries (should be at least a few hours), you can decide if you’d like a second coat. But if not, then yeah, you’re pretty much done. If you have any other questions or concerns, take a look around our blog; there’s plenty of great stuff there. And should you decide to let the pros handle this, you can always contact us.

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