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Key Elements of a Deck Restoration Project

Posted on Nov 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Key Elements of a Deck Restoration Project | D&D Painting

Deck restoration is a way that you can bring your deck back to life without going to the expense of replacing it completely. Decks are constantly exposed to the elements and will eventually start to show signs of wear – no matter how well you care for it. The sun, rain, snow, wind, and debris will eventually take a toll on the look and structure of your deck. When you start to notice that your deck is showing serious signs of wear you should consider deck restoration. The key elements of a deck restoration project include cleaning, repairing, and adding a new deck coating.


It does not take long for dirt, grime, and other things to accumulate on your deck. The very first step in a restoration project is to get the surface clean. As the homeowner, you should remove any items that you commonly store on the deck – grill, table, chairs, toys, etc. Once those miscellaneous items are out of the way the pros can come in a give your deck a deep cleaning. Pressure washing is a cleaning method that can quickly remove years’ worth of built up dirt, grime, stains, and algae. If parts of your deck are painted, pressure washing can remove the old, chipping paint to provide a clean surface for new stain or paint. A deep cleaning of your deck can provide you with a quick and dramatic change in the way that it looks. Sometimes it is difficult to realize the level of grime that has built up on your desk until it is removed.


There are several areas of your deck that are prone to damage. The railing and steps are two of the most common problem areas. The planks of your deck can also become damaged from use and exposure to the elements. Repairing these damaged areas is a key element of a deck restoration project. If the damage is isolated, you can have individual areas repaired and avoid a complete rebuild.

Adding a new coating

The coating on the surface of your deck can help it look better and last longer. There are a number of different options when it comes to deck coatings. You can get a natural stain or paint look – depending on what you prefer. The technology behind these deck coatings continues to improve. You can talk to your deck restoration pro about the latest options and choose one that fits your wants and needs. Adding a new coating to your deck is an important element of deck restoration because it can completely transform the way it looks.

Deck restoration is a process that can transform the way your deck looks and save you from the expense of completely replacing it. Before you decide that your deck is beyond hope, schedule an inspection by a painting contractor that offers deck restoration. You may find that your deck can be restored to its former glory by the key elements of a deck restoration project.

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