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Key Elements of a Long-Lasting Exterior Paint Job

Posted on Jan 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Key Elements of a Long-Lasting Exterior Paint Job | D&D Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is a big project. It will have a significant impact on the way your house looks. Having the entire exterior of your house painted is much more involved than painting a wall or room inside of your home. Because of this, it is essential that you pay attention to the elements that will give you a long-lasting finished product. You do not want to have to repeat this process again a year from now because you skipped out on an important step. Key elements of a long-lasting exterior paint job include preparing the surface, paint choice, and proper application.

Preparing the surface

Proper surface preparation is an essential part of getting a high-quality finished product when you paint the exterior of your home. The exterior of your house is constantly exposed to the elements and can develop a buildup of dirt and grime. The paint will not adhere properly unless you take steps to remove that grime. Peeling and cracking paint can also sabotage your new paint job. If you paint over cracked or peeling paint instead of removing it your new paint job will not look good for long. You must remove the old cracked and peeling paint before you apply new paint.

Paint choice

Paint choice is also an important part of getting a long-lasting exterior paint job. The type of paint you use will impact how long it lasts. There is paint specifically designed to be used in exterior applications. Exterior paint can stand up to sunlight, wind, and precipitation much better than paint that is designed to be used indoors. You will get the best results for your exterior paint job when you use a paint that is formulated to be used outside.

Proper application

Proper application is another key element of getting a long-lasting paint job. The way you apply the paint will impact how well it adheres to the surface and ultimately how long it lasts. For example, the temperature outside can impact your paint project. If you paint when it is too cold or too hot you can end up with results that do not look good or last for very long. Painting must be done within a certain temperature range in order to adhere properly to the exterior of your house. The tools you use can also impact the application process and the final results.

Painting the exterior of your house requires some preparation and forethought if you want long-lasting results. It is a big project that can quickly become overwhelming. You can avoid the stress of dealing with surface preparation, paint choice, and proper application on your own by bringing in the help of a paint professional. The pros and D&D Painting can handle every element of an exterior paint project and provide you with excellent results.

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