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My Walls Need Repairs: Can a Painting Contractor Help?

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Christine Moon

My Walls Need Repairs: Can a Painting Contractor Help?The services offered by a painting contractor can vary. Some offer only basic painting while others provide a full range of services that include power washing, deck restoration, and drywall repairs. D&D Painting offers a wide range of services that include any type of wall repair you may need. In order to get a high-quality paint job completed you must start with a surface that is free from damage and debris. D&D can prepare the surfaces in your home so they are ready to receive new paint. This will provide you with a finished product that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.


The texture on your walls can impact the whole look of your house. You can use heavy texture to create a certain style in your home or minimal texture with the sole purpose of covering irregularities in the drywall. When a part of your wall gets damaged the texture is often the most difficult element to repair. Properly matching up texture requires experience, training, and the proper tools. Many homeowners have tried to match texture on their own only to discover that it is much more difficult than they anticipated. A painting contractor such as D&D can professionally match the texture on your walls and provide you with a seamless repair.

Drywall repairs

Holes or cracks in your drywall are unsightly and can sabotage any paint job you try to do. You cannot cover this type of damage with a thick layer of paint. Drywall repair – like texture repair – is something that takes training and experience to do well. A painting contractor can patch small holes and repair cracks in your drywall. Some painting contractors also provide complete drywall services and can repair much larger areas that have sustained damage.

Replace caulking

Caulking that has started to shrink, crack, or become brittle can have a negative impact on the finished product of your paint project. Caulking is often used around windows, doors, and along baseboards and molding. If any of the caulking around your walls needs to be repaired or replaced, your painting contractor can provide that service.

Any type of damage or repair that will impact the quality of a paint project can often be handled by your painting contractor. If you are concerned about the level of repair your walls need, schedule a time for a free inspection. Your painting contractor will let you know if they can handle the scope of work or if you will need to get repairs done by someone else. At D&D Painting, we take pride in the long list of services we offer to our customers. We can repair your walls and get them prepped for their new paint job. Schedule your free estimate today.     

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